Beckham’s Favorite Winter wear

Beckham’s Favorite Winter wear

Beckham’s Favorite Winter wear

There is no doubt that David Beckham is one of the most stylish celebrities today. It would not be wrong to say that almost every man has wanted to have David Beckham’s style and looks at some point in his life.

The 43-year-old former soccer player started his soccer career at the age of 18 in 1992. He started off by playing for Manchester United. He won six English Premier League awards and two Football Association Cups while he played for Manchester United. He became the captain of the English national team, during that time, and made two FIFA World Cup appearances.

Manchester United was ruling the world of soccer due to so many victories, and David Beckham had become one of the most loved players of the sport. At the same time, Victoria Adams’ band Spice Girls had become one of the most successful girl bands of all time. In 1997, David Beckham met his future wife, Victoria Adams. In the same year, Victoria’s band went platinum. Two years later, in 1999, their son Brooklyn Beckham was born, and soon afterwards Beckham got married with Victoria. This relationship raised Beckham’s status to a new level, and he started to dress like an A-list celebrity. This was the beginning of Beckham’s journey to being a style icon.

Winter is right around the corner, and it is not a surprise that even the best of men find it hard to be stylish during winters. The cold weather reduces our number of choices for clothing, but our very own style icon, David Beckham, is here to save the day and show us how to be fashionable in winters.

Winters and long coats go hand in hand for Beckham. He loves to layer up his formal attire with long coats. This way, he gets to be warm and stylish at the same time. The beige color of the long coat perfectly complements his suit!

For times when you don't want to go too over board with your look, instead of choosing a colored coat, choose a black long coat like Beckham did. If you are not wearing a formal suit but a simple button down shirt with trousers then also you can pair it up with a long coat, preferably black. The detailing of this long coat is something that makes it different.

This is more of a casual look compared to the other two. So if you are looking for something a little casual for yourself, you should definitely pick something like this. We can see the white collars from his long coat and he wore a tee and pants under it.

Beckham is the epitome of classic handsomeness, and he looks fabulous in whatever he wears, but these long coats seem to be his go-to clothing. And why wouldn't they be? A long coat gives off the feeling of being classy yet it keeps you warm.


With this we hope that all the complaints that we see boys making about them having fewer clothing choices fade away. If Beckham can do it, you should at least try!