Chadwick Boseman Looking Dapper at ESPYS Awards in All-White

Chadwick Boseman Looking Dapper at ESPYS Awards in All-White

Chadwick Boseman Looking Dapper at ESPYS Awards in All-White

There were some really outstanding looks that athletes and celebs spotted in the 2018 ESPYS Awards. It was like a red carpet full of different styles and looks and everyone looked just gorgeous. Also, it is hard for athletes especially to look bad with the kind of body they have.

For a change there was almost no one who was wearing the traditional black tux. We saw the celebs and athletes more in patterned suits of different colors and most of them looked really handsome and completely owned their look. So this year’s ESPYS were a hit fashion wise.

As we said that there was hardly anyone that looked bad but there is this one actor specifically that we want to point out for his bold fashion choice, Chadwick Boseman.

Chadwick wore an all-white suit to the 2018 ESPYS and he completely nailed the look.

Wearing all-white is hundred times riskier than wearing all-black with little mistakes in color tone, pairing and accessories and you end up looking like a grandpa from 60s. And so, there are not many celebs that would prefer wearing all-white to an event like ESPYS.

Chadwick however, looked dapper in his look. He wore a stark white suit by Louis Vuitton from the latest collection Virgil Abloh. His suit has some interesting things going on with the part that his suit was completed with waistcoat to be worn outside; his color tones went really well too.

As people might be wondering how his all-white attire looked perfect on him it was because of the perfect fit and also because his blazer and trousers were of off-white color while his inner crew neck t-shirt and waistcoat were of different shade of white. Looking up closely you can see the crocodile skin detailing with a matching white zipper on his waist coat. Even the footwear he chose for this attire was of white color.

Now we know how we can style our own all-white look. Looking at celeb from Black Panther we get the inspiration for wearing all-white. Chadwick certainly knows how to take risks and not look bad.

We can’t recall any other celeb wearing all white to an event except of course Donald Glover.