Daniel Craig’s Mesmerizing Personal Style

Daniel Craig’s Mesmerizing Personal Style

Daniel Craig’s Mesmerizing Personal Style

No star has been able to do formal dinner dressing better than Daniel Craig. We all know the English actor as the sixth James Bond. Since the Quantum of Solace, Craig has been dressed by Tom Ford in all of his Bond movies. All of us have seen his amazing Bond suits in the movies. However, seeing him in a variety of suits in the Bond movies for so many years piques ones interest in Daniel Craig’s personal choices in clothing.

Dressing age appropriate is highly important, and that is exactly what Craig does. He keeps it simple, sticking to a more conventional color choice. His top picks are black, gray and navy. Just like Tom Ford, Craig prefers a well-tailored suit that fits him perfectly. Craig knows how to make his look more detailed, and he usually does that with a stylish wrist watch and/or with a pocket square. Who would believe that there was a time when Craig was criticized for his lack of fashion sense? Having spent so much time playing the well-suited British Secret Service agent, James Bond, Craig knows what he should wear to look sharp and suave. Here are some noteworthy off-screen looks of Daniel Craig.

You can never go wrong with gray. Gray suits have become a major fashion trend now. However, Craig was wearing different shades of gray way before they became a trend, proving that he is way ahead of the rest of the world. With a gray suit, he goes for a pale blue shirt: an interesting choice.

When he isn’t sporting his favorite gray suit, Craig chooses a rather easy option and goes for block colors. Whatever suit color you choose, you can’t go wrong with it granted that you accessorize smartly. As far as shirts are concerned, Craig wears a plain white shirt or a pale blue one, or he goes monochrome.

It would be a blessing to have a pair of shoes that will go with pretty much anything, right? Daniel Craig shows that brown is the color you’re looking for. Get a pair of brown shoes and make your investment worth. Whether you’re wearing them with jeans or your semi-formal attire, they will look great.

Impressed? You can dress classy like Daniel Craig too, but don’t forget to keep your colors simple and the cut traditional. Not just the colors, keep your outfits simple as well. Also, accessorize with conventional sunglasses, pocket squares, handkerchiefs and wrist watches. Good luck!