Donald Glover Going Against The Norms

Donald Glover Going Against The Norms

Donald Glover Going Against The Norms

Donald Glover is not a new name when it comes to making bold fashion choices on red carpet or any other event. Donald Glover is the one who likes to stand out in the crowd and so he prefers different colors than black when it comes to suit. From Burgundy to brown and purple velvet suit we have seen it all and just when we thought we won’t get to see anything shocking from the star we get to see him in yet another daring outfit and we absolutely loved it.

When it comes to making fashion statement one of the guys that we look at is Donald Glover. The star celeb was seen in a Gucci suit in brown color and owning the look completely. On the premiere of Solo: a star wars story Donald Glover caught the attention of many with his dressing (not a new thing, though)

It has now become a myth only that brown is the color specifically for older people after we have seen Donald Glover wearing it. Donald Glover is known for picking out a difficult clothing article and making it his own. The guy knows how to carry himself well.

For the inner wear instead of going for a traditional button down shirt Glover wore a V-neck Knit tee. For footwear he chose Gucci loafers. Minus the Full bell bottom part his outfit seems to give us extreme 70s vibes.

Though this is not his first time making people gasp upon his attire but we definitely like this one better than any others.

Glover is someone who is always looking for bold outfits some of his previous bold look were his burgundy suit which was so stunning last year we saw him wearing a purple velvet suit which he completely pulled off. he also defies many fashion rules like he is often seen wearing his trousers lower however, for people with stature and height like Glover it is said that they should wear their pants a little higher but no matter what Glover always pulls off any outfit he wants brilliantly and with a personality like Glover you do not worry about any fashion rules.

Glover is Lando in the new star wars story.