Colognes that guarantee compiments

Colognes that guarantee compiments

Colognes that guarantee compliments

There are several colognes that I personally like, but I will name just three of them.

  1. Givenchy Pi Neo - this one is popular if you know the fragrance that it smells similar to which is Armani code. This has two advantages over Armani code, besides smelling almost the same. The Givenchy Pi Neo lasts easy double the time. It is less expensive, and many people also don't want to spend a lot of money on colognes, so I pick this one, and it has the best compliments from me. The magical note of this cologne is liquorice and it makes this fragrance very creative smelling and it is also the magical note of Armani Code. Givenchy Pi Neo can be used mainly in the spring-summer season, formal and casual, and it is very nice men's fragrance.
  2. Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue intense -  this is important because not always the brands tell you the truth when saying this is our new fragrance this is a new intense version, this is the older perfume version, but this one is, however, better than original. It is a fantastic summer aquatic slightly peppery fragrance, but mostly you get this ozonic floral fruity blue vibe. This is cool, super confident, tropical guy smell and it is very good.
  3. Tom Ford Tobacco Oud - this one is fantastic, it is very daring, you have to know that this one of my most complimented fragrance, but it is also most offensive. When you are wearing this fragrance you can get in a situation, I had one like this, where people are telling you wow, that what you are wearing is offensive. With this one you are taking a chance, you may have some people not like it, but you have people that just absolutely love it.