A Guide To Buying A High Quality Wallet

A Guide To Buying A High Quality Wallet

A Guide To Buying A High Quality Wallet

While buying a wallet, you should be more careful than you are while buying clothes due to the fact that you have a variety of clothes and you wear one set on one day and a different one on the other, but men normally only keep one wallet at a time which travels with them everywhere daily.

A man truly values his hard earned money. So buying a great wallet is very important as all your hard work and struggle need a classy and comfortable place to stay in. Not just that, it also has to look good in your hands and match your personality. In addition to that, it should be a high-quality wallet that lasts long. For those reasons, there are some things that you must keep in your mind while buying a good quality wallet.


Wallets are made from different types of leather. Choose your leather type wisely, and avoid buying top-grain leather as it is not the highest quality of leather. In the top-grain leather, the surface imperfections are removed by sanding and giving the leather a smooth, finished coat. This leather is durable, but it feels more like plastic than leather. Instead, go for full-grain leather as it is the highest grade of all types of leather. Full-grain leather is more natural as it contains fewer artificial additions, which gives this leather more character than the rest of the leather types.


Just like the leather type, how the wallet is made is a very crucial factor. As far as the construction is concerned, wallets are made in two ways—Cut Edge or Turned. In Cut Edge, the leather is cut and stitched together, followed by the application of resin coating on its edges. When the resin coating wears down, frayed leather is surfaced. In Turned, the leather is made thinner before the stitching process. This is a lengthy process, but it is more long lasting than the former.

Pleated Corners

Corners are very important when you’re buying a wallet. A well crafted wallet is thinned down first and then pleated to have strong, rounded corners. So no cuts are made at the corners. Right-angled corners reveal that the wallet is poorly crafted, so you need to keep an eye out for those and avoid buying the wallets that have such corners.

The Turnover

Another way you can check the level of craft behind the construction of the wallet is by inspecting the width of the wallet’s turnover and the stitching position. A well made wallet of high quality will have a narrow turnover and straight stitching at the centre.


To spot a well crafted and durable wallet, look for creases on the leather made by a hot iron. You may find these on the turned edges and card slots of the wallet.