5 Streetwear Fashion Mistakes that Make You Look like an Idiot

Streetwear Fashion

5 Streetwear Fashion Mistakes that Make You Look like an Idiot

The best thing about streetwear is that there’s no hard and fast rule to it. There are a variety of options and colors to choose from. So, if you normally struggle to choose an ideal outfit for you – there is a possibility that you can find something reasonable for yourself.

Yet there are people who complain that they look ridiculous in streetwear. This is surprising because normally everyone looks good in them.

So, what can be the possible reason?

The reason is:

Some common mistakes that people make while choosing streetwear style

We are mentioning them here – so that you can avoid repeating them and don’t struggle with your ideal streetwear. So, have a look:

1. Choosing a bad haircut

I have seen many people who’re ready to invest hundreds of bucks on their jeans, t-shirts, and jackets but chicken out when it comes to having a decent haircut. To save money – they visit local barbers and have cheap haircuts.

There’s nothing really wrong with that. However, they just forget that no matter how much stylish clothes you wear – if your haircut is not good, you will look imperfect.

So, avoid doing this mistake. When you can spend so much money on clothes – there’s no big deal in spending some on hairs.

2. Wearing large T-shirts

Another big misconception that people have about streetwear is that they look stylish with large t-shirts, which is wrong.

Large t-shirts make your neck, shoulders, and chest look wrong. Especially if you have an athletic physique. There will be no use of wearing a long t-shirt – because the alignment of your body will not appear properly.

So, break the traditional streetwear look and start wearing fitted clothes. You’ll look more handsome in them.

3. Buying cheap clothes

There are also people who rely on mega-sale festivals and department store knock-offs for buying streetwear clothing. Sure this saves a couple of bucks – but such clothes don’t last long.

In most of the cases, these clothes don’t fit or wear off too early and your outfit looks too dull. This leaves people with no other option but to wear another pair.

So, this is what you need to do:

Rather than spending money and filling your wardrobe with cheap clothes. Save some money and buy a decent pair. It will last longer and look more fab on you. Not only this – you can also save a couple of bucks.

4. Not paying attention to footwear

Ignoring the need for a proper footwear is another blunder that people make while shopping for streetwear fashion. They look all good from up but whenever you look at their feet – the entire impression fades away. We have seen this happening to many dudes.

Now, if you want to escape this fate – ditch that old pair of sneakers and buy yourself some brand new shoes. There are plenty in the market. We’re sure that you can find something good for yourself.

5. Poor color coordination

Color coordination matters when wearing streetwear. If you don’t know this – then you’re making a big mistake.

Sure, there is an abundance of options. But this doesn’t mean that you should completely disregard color coordination. Be creative but your dress color should also match.

You would definitely not want to look dress like a taxi or a shining signboard. Dressing is a way to express yourself. So, make the best use of it.

We’re sure that these lessons will help you avoid mistakes and look a perfect gentleman in your streetwear. Good luck!