How to select the perfect summer outfit for this season

How to select the perfect summer outfit for this season

How to select the perfect summer outfit for this season

Every year when summers arrive and we open our summer-wear wardrobe collection - we wonder:

Are these clothes enough?

Trust me this has happened to me many times. I look at my clothes and realize that they’re not enough.

So, I buy more. Then after a few days later, the same thing happens again.

In the end, I keep purchasing clothes but never find my perfect summer outfit.

Your story might also be same.

But I have figured out a solution.

After referring to several style guides and going through the blogs of various style experts on summer outfit — I have been successful to steal a couple of summer style tips.

You can follow them to:

Find a summer outfit that suits your class and style.

Now, without wasting your time, let’s have a look:

1. Experiment with colors

While white and other light-shaded colors are preferred by many people — they should not cover up your entire wardrobe.

You should be open to experimenting. Wear dark colors, wear floral ones, and even the ones that are too shiny.

You’ll love them for sure. So will the people around you.

2. You summer outfit shouldn’t be too tight

Those tight T-shirts and jeans definitely look good on a toned physique.

Yet they’re not a great summer outfit in the scorching summer heat.

Such type of clothing often result in a lot of sweat and you feel suffocated.

So, while going out — make sure your clothes are loose and you feel comfortable in them.

3. Wear clothes that absorb sweat

I have a T-shirt and I hate it.

Do you know why?

Whenever I go out wearing it — it seems like I am drenching in a pool of sweat.

Adding to the misery — there are the clots of sweat it causes that look awful.

Well, we all know that we can’t avoid sweat during summers.

Still, we can choose clothing that can make us feel comfortable. You can invest in ones that absorb sweat.

Our recommendation is that you should go for cotton clothes.

4. Replace jeans with cargo pants and chinos

Unless you’re spending your whole day in an AC room — wearing jeans in summer is definitely not a cool idea.

Scorching heat makes things unbearable. The thing between your pants literally heats up. Can you spend your whole day like this?

I am sure that you can’t.

So, it’s a suitable time to ditch those skin-tight jeans and slip in comfortable clothes like shorts, chino pants, or cargo.

5. Accessorize

Another way of dressing up perfectly for summers is to wear some accessories with your clothes.

For example: Wearing a good pair of sunglasses will not only prevent you from harmful UV rays but will also improve your style statement.

Similarly, a cool watch on your wrists represents that you’re punctual and responsible. Wear a classic timeless edition and people will not be able to resist watching you in awe.

Hence, I will suggest you to not just go with your plain summer clothes. Tweak yourself with some accessories as well.

But keep one thing in mind. Keep the accessory thing to the minimum. Otherwise, you’ll end up looking too flashy.

Key takeaways:

  •        Avoid wearing tight clothes outdoor
  •        Purchase clothes that absorb sweat
  •        Don’t just stay glued to white or light colors. Experiment instead
  •        Instead of jeans, go for chinos or cargo pants. They’re more comfortable
  •        Accessories will take your perfect summer outfit to a whole new level

So, these are our takeaways to guide you. Rest, you can try different summer clothes for yourself and decide. After all, we learn better from our mistakes.

Good luck!