Best Knit Styles For Men

Best Knit Styles For Men

Best Knit Styles For Men

Being a faithful companion in winter, the knit protects the wearer from the cumbersome, harsh cold and provides him comfort in the cruel weather. From being reserved for the gym to becoming bedtime clothes, knits have come a long way to finally become a staple of easy-go style for winter. The knit is designed meticulously and with a lot of thought these days, so it wouldn’t be a great move not to wear such intricately made item of clothing. So choose from our favorite knit picks (no pun intended), and experience this winter becoming the hottest one of your life.

Graphic Sweaters


All men have a fun loving child inside of them, and the world of fashion has given them the opportunity to have a little fun while still being fashionable. Graphic sweaters are the new sensation in men’s winter collection. The motifs include everything from fruits and animals to their favorite cartoon characters. However, the quality of fabric and design determine if your graphic sweater is a good one or not. Needless to say, while graphic sweaters are charming, they’re not meant as an office wear. So keep this knit away from your workplace.

The Robe Cardigan


Tie-front knits have become a new alternative for structured outer wear for men this season. With round shoulders, shawl lapel and a tie-waist, a tie-front knit looks best with a robe cardigan. The soft wool or cashmere makes this knit a very comfortable garment. Due to this, the robe cardigan is quickly overtaking traditional topcoats for a look of toned down elegance. You can even layer it and combine with other knit pieces: sweater and wool trousers. Or you can layer it with a roll neck and a pair of jeans. Just keep the color of your outer knit neutral.

The Chunky Knit


The chunky knit is a perfect example of an intricately weaved knit. The new era of fashion that pays serious attention to detail has let the classic cable knit make a significant comeback. To master the art of wearing the chunky knit correctly, you must know how to play around with proportions. An oversized, heavy-weighing form of the chunky knit makes you look effortlessly cool along with giving you lots of warmth and comfort. On the other hand, a tight one would only annoy you. Pair your knit with a pair of washed-out jeans and white sneakers, or wear a black leather jacket over it with suede Chelsea boots for a night out.