Henry Golding, The Rising Style Star

Henry Golding, The Rising Style Star

Henry Golding, The Rising Style Star

It is indeed unfortunate that, in Hollywood, newcomers seldom get the spot light that they deserve due to so much competition. Not many invest much in the new comers either due to the risk of loss. So it takes a lot of talent, skill, hard work, struggle and time to become as popular as an A-list Hollywood actor. However hard that may be, it is not impossible to become a huge Hollywood celebrity overnight. Many new actors hit the right buttons at the right time and become popular with a single gig. One such actor is Henry Golding.


Henry Golding is a British-Malaysian model and television host who recently became a film actor of Hollywood. Since 2014, Henry Golding has been a presenter on BBC’s The Travel Show. And now his hard work has finally paid off as he recently starred in a major Hollywood romantic-comedy movie Crazy Rich Asians. The movie is being received well by general audience as well as critics so far, and this only means we are going to see more from Henry Golding very soon. His next two movies, A Simple Favor and Monsoon, are already in post production.


However, Henry Golding did not rise to fame due to his acting only. On the current press tour of his film, Henry has been repeatedly seen wearing some of the coolest menswear out there. This shows that Henry Golding is not only set to become an A-list Hollywood celebrity but also the next men’s style icon.


Henry Golding has a style that is part preppy and part weekend with a dash of luxuriousness. In such a short time, we have seen him wearing classic knits, tailored trousers, polo shirts, bright and bold suits and tuxedos, tailored spray jackets and loafers. It would not be wrong to say he dresses like a “Crazy Rich Asian.” We are sure that it’s definitely not method acting; Henry Golding actually knows fashion. Not only that, he has got the looks and body frame to pull off stylish clothes easily.


We can see a bright future for Golding, and we hope that he doesn’t get lost in the coming years because we are definitely anticipating for his next collection of stellar clothing. We wish Henry Golding, the rising style star, good luck for his career!