Henry Golding Knows How to Go Chic in this Summer!

Henry Golding, The Rising Style Star

Henry Golding Knows How to Go Chic in this Summer!

Blue or navy color suit goes perfectly fine with a plain white shirt every time you jump in that outfit. It always looks so attractive because the color combination I have mentioned above is so blissfully handsome and fresh that nobody can hate it. And the best part is, it always works best for almost every type of event. From the workplace to official meetings, weddings to rooftop drinks; in each case, you can wear it. But wait! Where are we missing? Yes, you got it right. The problem is, this is really common among men and others might suspect you someone else in that color dress as it is incredibly awesome. So, why not try something different and new which no one has ever done? Here is how you can wear the same color dress with a slight difference and can look really changed by a simple Henry Golding’s way of styling. Star of Crazy Asian, Henry Golding, made a few changes and brought his navy color suit to a new level. I am sure you must be longing for that too, right?

The thing is to be like a crazy-rich guy, Henry Golding, you don’t need to have to keep your wallet filled with thousands of dollars. Why? Because Henry Golding’s Tommy Hilfiger shirt—the pièce de résistance here– can be found out easily as it is on sale only for $130. And a dress with that stripe, this boxy cut, and a casual camp collar is here under your eyes. And while you have many white or blue button-down shirts, I am sure you have, why not be a master of change? Push yourself out of the house, go for shopping, and find a bowling shirt like Henry Golding’s. You can try a long-sleeve, point-collar shirt with a balanced color and medium-size stripe combination. By both means, you can easily bring yourself out of the usual classic, white-shirt circle, and can make a lasting impression.

For a shoe-wear, you can opt for leather sneakers or classic lace-ups, but for a pro-like appearance as Henry Golding did, go for a chocolate brown, shining loafers without socks. Because choosing traditional pieces is not a bad choice. Hope you find Henry Golding in yourself! *wink*