Ansel Elgort’s Best Looks

Ansel Elgort’s Best Looks

Ansel Elgort’s Best Looks

Ansel Elgort is someone that is not easy to predict in his movie career choices and his dressing choices. Both of them are hard to figure out yet pleasantly surprising for the audience. He got his big break from his movie “The Fault in our Stars” where he got his cutesy teenager image from he later broke it by starring in 2017’s most stylish movie Baby Driver.

The young 24 year old actor dresses in a way that many adult stars can’t manage to even after all these years. This makes us say that Ansel Elgort is one of the emerging stars of the fashion scene.

If we have to put Ansel’s dressing sense into words then it is a mixture of timeless traditional clothing that is classy yet he is bold enough to pull off different colors and cuts. His casual clothing can be summed up in sporty jackets etc.

Some of His Best Looks Are

This one is an absolute favorite because of how elegant it looks. The color combination somehow looks really soothing to the eyes. This look gives us inspiration to experiment with different shades of blue like this one. The teal color looks extremely fine with a brown inner jumper and shoes of the same color.

Ansel Elgort is famous for his modernised traditional and classic clothing. He wore a classic pinstripe suit but the uniqueness here is how he paired this suit up with a peacock printed shirt. This outfit works well because of the color tones of both the shirt and the suit is somehow complimenting. This look gives us inspiration to pair a difficult pattern with another complex one with a consideration of color tones in mind.

This is another one of Ansel Elgort’s classic looks. Here he is not trying hard and mixing things but he is just going with the classic formal look. Though, the color choice he made is good as well. The charcoal grey is just the right color and perfect between a darker and a lighter shade especially for formals.

Pinstripes are one of Ansel’s favorites. Here he has paired a pinstripe suit with a roll-neck of the same color. This makes one look good and protects you from cold as well.