The Next Generation of Style Icons

Top 3 Style Icons For Summer

The Next Generation of Style Icons

Hearing the term “style icon” brings faces of people like Ryan Gosling, David Beckham and James Dean to our minds, which is understandable as they have earned that place with their style. That said, style doesn’t have an age. A 15 year old Instagram influencer can have a style better than a 30 year old A-list Hollywood celebrity. Similarly, there are some young men who mastered the art of style much earlier in their lives and are now on their way to become the next style icons.

Presley Gerber


First on our rising style icon list is Cindy Crawford’s son, Presley Gerber. Looking at those cheekbones, it’s safe to assume Presley Gerber got lucky and found some really amazing genes. That said, the 19 year old model does not solely rely on his genes.

Presley Gerber reinvents classic looks and turns them into something cool according to present standards. He has been inspiring men and giving a tough competition to other style icons by wearing simple clothes, like T-shirts with jeans, to putting twists on formal wear.

Gerber plays with colors and patterns but makes sure his look is grounded by wearing staple pieces. He goes for well-fitting classics that can never go wrong, for instance a white T-shirt with a leather jacket or a staple turtleneck for winters.

Luka Sabbat


Our next upcoming style icon is Luka Sabbat, a 20 year old Instagram influencer who has gathered 850,000 followers that are increasing as we speak. Luka Sabbat’s style is the epitome of high end streetwear. His style is basically about layering expensive and branded clothes with more accessible and affordable ones. Due to that, his style allows him to jump easily from modern to classic and from classic to modern style. Only a few established style icons can do this. In addition to that, Sabbat isn’t afraid of combining smart pieces with casual ones and gives lots of importance to textures. The message Luka Sabbat sends from his style is that you shouldn’t spend thousands on expensive brands; instead, combine staple pieces with statement pieces to balance it out.

Levi Dylan


In a world where many celebrities and style icons become famous with the help of their established celebrity parents or grandparents, Levi Dylan is an exception. Levi Dylan is the grandson of the mighty Bob, Mr. Bob Dylan. It is surprising that the 22 year old model has made a respectable career for himself without the support of his grandfather’s glorious fame.

Levi Dylan’s wardrobe overflows with style. The strongest part of his style is that he dresses to his own tune, as opposed to following current style trends or emulating someone else. It is highly important to have a personal style of your own choice that also suits your body frame. Levi Dylan’s style mainly consists of lots of slimming black, rugged leather jackets and flashes of print here and there. The print could be a tiger motif on his loafers or a muted floral Cuban collared shirt. Another noteworthy thing about his style is that he often wears nocturnal sunglasses that are reminiscent of another huge style icon, Mr. Johnny Depp.