Cheap Suits - what makes the price difference?

100 Dollar Suits

The word "cheap suit"

We personally don't like using the word cheap, it's an ugly word. When you think of cheap Clothing it makes you think of something that's going to fall apart after wearing it the first time or after you get it back from the cleaner. We all know and have heard the phrase “You Get What You Pay For.‘

Unfortunately, this is often peoples mindset when buying suits. But when we use the word cheap, we don't mean quality. Because suits are considered a luxury items, many companies unnecessarily jack up their prices sky high,  They'll tell you that ridiculously high priced suit is expensive because of its quality. I've even walked into stores and seen the same products we sell going upwards of $1000.

What are you really paying for?

The Brand.

Slap a brand name on a suit and it instantly goes up in price. Same suit. different price. Big name brands are selling you the same exact suits, when you could purchase the same "cheap suit" for a fraction of the price. Once you put the suit on you can't even tell the difference. No one can see the brand on the outside of a suit.

The Fabric.

Suit prices do fluctuate by prices. Fine wools will be much more expensive than a poly rayon material. Luckily for suit shoppers their is a rating system on fabrics, a super 150 wool suit for $1000 is going to be the same exact quality as a super 150 wool suit for $200 or $100. The only difference is the price.

The Markup.

Once the suit leaves the wholesaler stores can choose to slap whatever price they want onto it. Suit stores tend to raise their prices higher simply because they can. They can try to sell you and give you 101 reasons why a cheap suit isn't as good as theirs. but in reality that's business and salesmanship. At Hundred Dollar Suits you're buying directly from the source, so you'll never have to worry about huge markups.

So keep in mind that a cheap suit doesn't always mean cheap. Don't
overpay for the same suits that you can get for less. Save some
money and still look great.