Ring finger meaning and how to wear rings guide

Ring finger meaning and how to wear rings guide

Ring finger meaning and how to wear rings guide

There is always that one question when it comes to ring wearing and it is:

What do different fingers mean?

  • Little finger - the pinky is the ideal finger for flashy statement rings. Being on the edge of your hand the ring is more eye-catching. Many Canadian engineers have a special ring worn on the pinky finger and those are called the iron rings.

  • Ring finger - a wedding ring is most commonly worn on this finger. Typically the ring will be a simple band of silver or gold. In many western countries, the wedding ring is worn on the left hand. But in eastern Europe, it is worn on the right hand.

  • Middle finger  - it is actually pretty rare to see a ring on the middle finger likely because a bulky ring on this finger can get in the way of your index finger. That said, a ring on this finger gives a bold manly look, so give it a shot.

  • Index finger - historically signed or family crest rings were worn on the index finger. This makes it a great option for class or fraternal rings. A ring on this finger signals power and authority.

  • The thumb - although thumb rings are uncommon in North America there are many cultures around the world that do wear them. Thumb rings typically symbolize wealth and influence. A bulkier ring is advised to balance out the thickness of the thumb. When wearing multiple rings using the thumb can help spread them out.

A few quick tips:

  1. Match metals - maybe you like gold or maybe you prefer silver, but try to stick to one color for all your metals.

  2. Nail the proportions - if you have smaller hands go with slimmer rings. Bigger hands always look better with thicker rings.