Jeans Styling Lessons that Every Gentleman Need to Know

A Beginner’s Guide To Formal And Semi Formal Styles

Jeans Styling Lessons that Every Gentleman Need to Know

Jeans have this uncanny ability to either make you look super good or appear like a clown. Both depend on how you wear them.

Make a slight mistake and your all efforts to look cool will go in vain and you’ll go from well-styled person to a poorly-dressed sod.

Hence, it’s always helpful to know some jeans styling hacks so that you don’t make any mistakes and sabotage your looks.

This is the reason, gentlemen, we have brought you this collection of:

Best jeans styling tips from style experts that will make you look instantly more attractive.

Now, without wasting any time, let’s begin:

1. Wear jeans according to your body size

As might be aware that jeans come in different forms. There are skinny jeans, slim jeans, straight jeans, and tapered jeans. Even relaxed and loose cut jeans are also there.

Now, each type of jeans is meant for a specific body type.

While skinny guys will look good in slim fit jeans — loose and regular jeans will suit more to the guys with heavy built. The selection of jeans differs according to height as well.

So, before purchasing new jeans, figure out what is your body type and then go ahead accordingly.

2. Don’t wash your jeans

Some jeans lose color after washing and look dull.

Hence, it’s our personal recommendation that you should never ever put your jeans to washing.

You’ll definitely like their faded color afterwards and regret. This is something we are telling from our own experience.

As an alternative, you can put in a freezer to kill the germs. The hack can also remove stains.

You can even add some salt in water before washing. This prevents the jeans from bleeding.

3. Avoid wearing embroidery jeans

There was a time when embroidery jeans were the heart of every fashion, but now the times have changed. These days, the trend is to keep it simple and minimal.

So, unless you are going to a theme party or want people to comment on the design on your buttocks — please refrain from wearing embroidery jeans.

4. Keep the accessories to the minimum

Wearing some accessories like a watch or sunglasses are important with your jeans. They magnify your looks and make you look more attractive.

However, avoid taking it to the extreme with chains and lockets. They were very popular in the 90s, but now they’re hardly worn these days.

But this is not the only reason.

Wearing too many accessories with your jeans with sabotage its looks. Everyone’s attention will be on your chains and lockets. No one will comment about the new cool pair of denim that you just bought.

5. Wear the right shoes

The selection of shoes matters when wearing jeans. Heavy leather boots will definitely not look good if you’re wearing skinny jeans.

Similarly, wearing converse or sports shoes with loose jeans is definitely not a cool idea.

Neither wearing square faced shoes with an extra loose wild legs jeans.

So, you need to select an appropriate pair of shoes with your jeans. Don’t compromise with the quality just because of the budget. Instead, save money and make a valuable investment. Also, make sure the color of the shoes is in synchronization with the rest of your outfit.

How will these jeans styling hacks help?

Jeans is not a cloth. It’s a style statement. It defines your personality. The way you dress reveals a lot about you. Hence, it’s your duty to make sure you look your best.

These hacks make sure that you actually look amazing in your jeans. So, follow them and escape from embarrassment.