Men’s Watch Guide 2018: 7 Timeless Watches to Shop Right Now

Never Ignore These Things While Buying A Watch

Men’s Watch Guide 2018: 7 Timeless Watches to Shop Right Now

A watch can reveal a lot about a person — his class, sophistication, tastes, financial status, or if he actually cares about himself.

Now, who wouldn’t want to reveal his best self to people? That’s why it’s important to pick the best watch edition that can exactly reveal your personality.

For the same reason gentlemen, we have brought you a collection of:

The best evergreen watch editions around the world

Have a look and pick the best ones:

1. Rolex Watches:

There is a popular saying:

Other watches show us time — but Rolex shows the time of the person who’s wearing it.

For decades, the watch has been the symbol of class, suavity and of being urbane. Wearing it shows that the person is affluent and has achieved a lot.

No wonder you can see many people flaunting it. After wearing such a wonderful timepiece who wouldn’t?

It’s a bit costly as well. A good piece will cost you around $20 K.

2. Timex Watches:

No wonder Rolex is the King of all watches. Still, it can’t be affordable to everyone due to its high rates.

In that case, Timex will be a better and economical option. They have decades of experience in creating watches that make you look stylish without burning a hole in your pocket.

Suggestion: Just make sure you wear it with the right clothing.

3. Casio Watches:

Casio is meant for people who’re active, enthusiastic, love outdoors, and need accessories to get things done. Wear it will give a cool edge to your looks.

There is also another type of people who love wearing these watches with  a shirt and a tie. But don’t follow them. These poor sods simply don’t know how to dress.

4. A Lange & Söhne Watches

The brand is popular for manufacturing the most covetable watches in the world. All the watches from this are eye candy.

An alluring jet-black design with the shiny silver finish is something that will steal your heart.

Yet, looks are not the only reason behind the mushrooming popularity of A Lange & Söhne. Their watches are par in terms of quality as well and can last for a long interval of time.

5. Audemars Piguet Watches

Audemars Piguet has earned mono-brand status with its iconic Royal Oak watch collection. At present, they’re one of the best watches in the entire world.

And the good news is that they’re bringing some variations in this catalogue including an all-platinum version which you would like for sure. So, try this one. You would like it.

6. 88 Rue Du Rhone Watches

Have a fetish for wearing black-colored leather strap watches? 88 Rue Due Rhone is the perfect option for you then.

What impresses the most about the watch is its elegant design which goes well with just about every kind of shirt black, white, or even sky blue.

You would definitely want to take this sweetheart to party and woo everyone out there.

7. Tiffany & Co. Watches

Swiss brand Tiffany & Co. is a popular name for creating accessories that display absolute precision and craftsmanship.

But it’s their watches that are really famous. Many Hollywood celebrities love wearing them.

So, why shouldn’t you?

After all they can make you insanely more attractive. There are a plethora of options to choose as well: CT60 model, Atlas 2-Hand Model, etc.


Watches represent the class. They indicate what you really are and how much you care about yourself. Hence, it’s important to be careful while choosing a watch.

Our suggestion will help you choose the watch that suits your class and style. Still, if you have more suggestions, let us know.