Rules of Wearing Blazers

Rules of Wearing Blazers

Rules of Wearing Blazers

If there is one thing that you can probably sport in any setting, it is blazers, hands down. Fashion experts even go as far as to call it a man’s best friend and we agree! Why? Because there is hardly anything as versatile as blazers that looks appropriate for any kind of look you are going for. Office casuals, smart casuals, roaming around the city casuals, weekend strolls casuals, out for lunch casuals, blazers go well with almost everything and with the right pairings and accessories they are good to rock the formals as well. Though, keep in mind there are certain rules associated with wearing blazers.

We are not telling you to not be experimental with your styling but there are certain things that you may want to consider while wearing a blazer.

Number one rule being not to go overboard with textures and colors just keep it on the neutral side. We know how celebrities styling inspires people to go crazy with their looks but if you are being more practical with your clothing you should consider this. You are not going to wear it only one time so make sure you are picking something that is easy to style with different pairings.

But if you already have a couple of blazers of the neutral shade then you can surely go crazy with your blazers shopping!

The next one is not a rule but more like a choice. If you are going for casual look with your blazer then do wear sneakers but make sure they are not something gym like. It just ruins the whole relaxed vibe.

Another rule that you may want to follow is don’t let your shirt hang longer than your blazer. This one is an important thing because it ruins the look and makes it look not so sharp. Though, we encourage you to experiment as much as you want with inner shirts. Replace that button down shirt with a t-shirt or turtle roll-necks. However, do consider the overall color tone of your outfit so that it doesn’t look awkward.

Here are some inspirations for you from David Beckham who is ruling the blazer look! We hope some of it inspires you and your styling.