4 Mistakes Men Shouldn’t Commit While Wearing Shorts

How to select the perfect summer outfit for this season

4 Mistakes Men Shouldn’t Commit While Wearing Shorts

When it comes to wearing shorts, different people have different opinions.

Some say they make an exciting summer clothing.

While there are also others who like famous designer Tom Ford who say:

“Shorts are never meant to be worn outside the tennis court.”

Well, I belong to the group 1.

I believe: screw this and wear shorts on many occasions.

Just, make sure you don’t make some stupid mistakes that dudes often commit while wearing shorts.

So, what are these mistakes?

Well, this blog detailing:

Things you shouldn’t do while wearing shorts

Reveal them all. So, without wasting any moment, let’s begin:

1. Not wearing the shoes of an appropriate size

Shorts are meant to be of right size.

Wear the undersized ones and you have the risk of getting trolled if they accidentally rip off.

Wear oversized ones and you’ll look like a hanger.

So, make sure you wear shorts that fit you appropriately.

2. Not being mindful of the occasion

Of course, you can wear shorts on many times. But they’re surely not an appropriate choice on some occasion.

For example: You can’t go to a meeting wearing them. Neither you can attend a an evening wedding party.

They’re better to be avoided sometimes so that you that you don’t appear overly comfortable or must say too ignorant about your dressing.

3. Wearing shorts with wrong t-shirt and shoes

It’s very important to pair your shorts with right clothing. Otherwise they will look no more than an awful pair of clothing that completely ruined your perfect look.

So, make sure you pick right clothes.

If you’re athletic, I would suggest to wear t-shirts or shirts that properly fit on you.

If you’re lanky, you should go for slightly loose ones.

But avoid wearing extra-large t-shirts. They will hide your body structure. For shoes – you can go for loafers or flat shoes.

4. Purchasing cheap shorts

A decent pair of shorts can cost a fortune. So, most of settle for economical ones.

Surely, this saves you a few bucks. But they don’t last for long.

After a while their color starts fading and they look terrible.

Would you want that?

You and me – we both know that you don’t.

Hence, it’s a suggestion that you should never be meager while purchasing shorts. Never go for cheap ones.

Instead, collect money and buy the ones of good quality. After all, buying a new pair every month is going to be more costly than purchasing one that can last for 5-6 months.

Now, you decide.

A pinch of my thoughts

There is one thing I want to mention in this point.

No matter how many things we see on Internet, no matter how many blogs we read, or how many style experts you consult – it’s your mistakes that are going to teach you better.

It’s something I have learned from my experience. There were times when I committed terrible fashion mistakes. I dressed so bad that I feel embarrassed now.

But all these times have taught me something. I learned how to dress properly and choose clothes that highlighted my personality. Most important, I learned about color coordination.

Hence my suggestion is:

Try a lot of shorts, observe how you look, note down your mistakes and learn from them. That’s how you will progress.

So, now you have our 5 valuable tips from experts. So, it’s time to follow them and pick up right pair of shorts.

Hurry up and don’t forget to share your experience with me. Your insight with definitely help both you and me. Waiting to hear from you.