5 Men’s Dressing Style Lessons to Learn from Style Icons

What to wear to the office and wardrobe staples every man needs

5 Men’s Dressing Style Lessons to Learn from Style Icons

Ever desired to look like your favorite fashion icon?

Well, for this, you need to learn some dressing style lessons from them.

But you don’t need to worry.

We have brought you something

A collection of men’s dressing style tips from the well-dressed celebrities

1. Style tip from Zayn Malik: If worn carefully, print can be an excellent option

It’s a general notion that printed cloths sabotage our looks but not if worn carefully.

This is what we get to learn from Zayn Malik. The ex-one direction star is not just famous for his strange hairstyles and cool tattoos but for his style as well.

Zayn shows us how one can look perfect even with printed clothing. All you need is to follow this simple rule:

Wear only one piece of clothing as printed and it should be the cloth that you want to be highlighted.

For example, if I want to highlight my T-shirt, I will wear it as printed and keep my jeans and shoes as laid-back.

Following this rule is important. Otherwise, you look will appear faded.

2. Dressing Tip from Harry Styles: It’s better to be different

When it comes to wearing suits, no one can teach you better than Zayn’s ex-bandmate Harry Styles. He’s been impressing us with his gentleman persona since his early days.

Harry’s specialty is that he doesn’t keep himself limited to navy blue and black two-piece suits alone. Instead, he likes to experiment with different colors and designs. Seems like the rock-star has got a wardrobe full of flashy suits.

So, my suggestion is:

Move ahead from the traditional look, and start wearing different styles.

3. Rayan Gosling Dressing Style Mantra: Find a style that suits you and stick to it

Rayan Gosling is one of the most sophisticated stars. Women love him, men want to be like him, and other celebrities want to adapt his style.

Now, do you know why Rayan Gosling looks so awesome?

Because instead of experimenting that can hamper his looks, Rayan knows what looks best on him and he prefers wearing only that.

So, we all should have an idea what looks good on us and what doesn’t. This prevents unnecessary fashion disasters.

4. Oliver Cheshire’s Dressing Style Tip: Even worn out Clothes can look awesome with proper dressing

Being one of the top models of UK, Oliver Cheshire is surely a style icon.

All the clothes he wears are remarkable. But his most interesting collection is his casual wear wardrobe which has dressed down clothes that are tailored and sharpened in such a way that you can barely recognize them.

Seriously, the guy has this uncanny ability to make even the old things look good.

So, stop purchasing new clothes all the time and spend a few bucks to tweak the old ones. You never know they how can improve your looks.

5. Jeff Goldblum’s Dressing Secret: Age is just a number if you know how to dress

Some people never grow old. They just get more gorgeous with time.

Jeff Goldblum is the live example of this saying. Even in his 60s — the man can give tough competition to the guys in 20s and 30s.

The reason is his unmatched dressing sense. Contrary to the people of his age who’re more into formal wear and sensible togs — Jeff Goldblum still prefers slim-fitting jeans and leather jackets. So, he looks young and charismatic always. Old people can surely learn something from him.

Now that you have men’s dressing style tips from the world’s best celebrities, it’s time to make the best use of them. Good luck!