Types Of Socks And How To Wear Them

Types Of Socks And How To Wear Them

Types Of Socks And How To Wear Them

There are so many types of socks that it can get confusing for our simple friends to decide which kind they should go for and when. So here’s a guide that’ll help you with this sock problem.

Dress Socks


Plain dress socks are the best option for more old school people. The most common choices in plain dress socks are standard black, navy and plain gray, so choose according to your outfit. With a black tux and shoes, classic black socks look the best. Whereas, the go-to socks with formal shoes are plain gray and navy. Make sure the color of your socks matches the color of your trousers. Never wear plain white socks with a darker suit.

Textured Socks


Textured socks are what you’re looking for if you like plain socks but want to add some excitement to your outfit. Keep in mind that textured socks add weight to your look and are likely to attract attention. These socks look great with brogues and desert boots. Just make sure to match the color of your socks and boots. Also, these socks are made with heavier fabrics, so pair them with trousers made from thicker fabrics and take into consideration the fact that these socks will make your shoes a bit tight.

Statement Socks


Bright, eye-catching socks have made a comeback as many men have become more confident about wearing them. They are even used as statement pieces by many. However, it’s not a great idea to have them take all the attention. Keep it subtle and wear them with boots or smart shoes, and make sure your trousers aren’t too short. Although they’re acceptable with suits, you shouldn’t wear them to the office or strictly formal events. Make sure the color of your socks complements your overall outfit and doesn’t clash with it.

Patterned Socks


Patterned socks go well with almost everything. Wear a simple white T-shirt, slim black jeans and a pair of black or white low tops with these socks and they will stand out in a very fashionable way. You can even wear them with a suit for a more exciting look. Just make sure their color isn’t too eye-catching and complements the suit and shoes. In the case of suits, go for classic patterns like polka dot, stripes and argyle with smart brogues, lace ups or loafers. You can even match your socks with your pocket square. Furthermore, these socks go really well with trainers, so consider trainers if you want a more casual look.

Ankle Socks


There’s nothing better than ankle socks to wear with trainers. Ankle socks protect your feet and make you feel comfortable without being visible. Neutral colors look best with ankle socks, but color isn’t the biggest factor here. You must make sure that your socks fit you well as ankle socks are made up of a slightly elastic material that hugs your ankles. If you don’t check the fit properly, they can be very annoying for you.