Three ways to wear navy chinos

Three ways to wear navy chinos

Chinos are a ‘must have’ item for a man’s wardrobe. Chinos are casual cotton trousers made from chino or a similar fabric. The first reference to chinos came in 1898. This colloquial term was born from the Spanish name for “China.” After World War II, returning GIs began wearing the plain-front trousers, and chinos were a common sight on college campuses. What was once standard issue for the military is now the style of choice for the board meeting or the wedding party. Navy chinos are the perfect choice for starting out. Navy chinos look great. Their dark color instantly gives a hint of sleek sophistication and they are easy to dress up than the traditional black pants. Let’s focus on three (3) outfit ideas with navy chinos.

Formal Wear

A white Oxford shirt is a classic piece, and it’s ideal for matching with a good pair of navy chinos. You can opt for a brown leather belt but ensure that it’s not too thick. To keep things extra formal you can even throw on a tie, but keep it un-patterned and in a simple black or navy, and remember to add a blazer or suit jacket over the top to complete the look. A second option is that you can also go for some contrast by pairing your chinos and shirt combination with a light gray suit jacket. Keep the blazer or jacket slim fit, and make sure to keep the detailing, like pocket squares or pin lapels, to a minimum.

Smart Casual Wear

You can opt to wear navy chinos with a navy polo shirt and some smart white trainers. The polo is a great way to keep things casual whilst bringing some formality to the look, whereas the trainers tone it down.

Casual Wear

There are ways that you can embrace a more relaxed outfit while still looking sharp.  You can opt to layer a simple jumper under a sleek varsity jacket, adding even more of a casual look with some colored trainers. For an outfit like this, where the top half is quite bulky with layers, keep the navy chinos slim fit to help balance out the look.

In a nutshell, navy chinos are worth the investment for your wardrobe. They are perfect for formal wear, casual wear and smart casual wear. They are very versatile and can be worn with a variety of colors and are great for layering.