How To Pick The Perfect Pair Of Sunglasses

How To Pick The Perfect Pair Of Sunglasses

How To Pick The Perfect Pair Of Sunglasses

Men usually don’t wear so many accessories, but there is one accessory that no man can live without. Yes, we are talking about sunglasses. Sunglasses have a dual purpose as they are designed to protect a man’s eyes from the harmful ultraviolet rays coming from the sun while giving him an incredibly stylish look at the same time. However, it is sometimes pretty tough to get the latter out of a pair of sunglasses. This is because many men don’t understand the art of wearing sunglasses and throw on any pair of sunglasses they find in their drawers. We need you to avoid being that tacky person. You’re better than that, or you will be after reading this article.

No matter how expensive their sunglasses are, some men fail to look good in them because they don’t know which frames look good on their faces. So we’ve made a guide for you to find the type of sunglasses meant for you. But first you would have to find out what shape your face is. The shape of your face is the most important factor while choosing the best pair of sunglasses for yourself. We’ll help you find that out as well.



In a round face, the length and the width of the face are almost the same and the jaw corners aren’t pronounced.

If you’re round faced, you need to avoid round and angular frames because they mimic your face shape and make your face look rounder. Instead, go for sunglasses that contrast well with your facial features. Wear frames a little wider than your face so that your cheeks look slimmer. A slight cat eye upturn can do that for you.



An oval face has no defined corners around the hair and jaw line and it’s longer than its width.

Most sunglasses look good on an oval shaped face. Just avoid sunglasses with arms that are too low as they lengthen your face that’s already long.



You have an oblong face if it is thin and narrow with smaller angles.

Thick frames or oversized lenses balance out your narrow proportions. Square or round frames are good for you, but avoid smaller ones because they will make your face appear small. Go for aviators as their convex shape will accentuate your cheek and jaw bones. Vintage styles with clean lines will also work on your face.



A square face has a prominent and angular jaw line with wide cheekbones, and it’s equal or almost equal in width.

Square faced people should avoid anything that mimics their sharp and boxy features because that would look harsh on them. Instead, they should opt for aviators, rounded frames or slightly curved frames that complement their look.



A broad jaw and chin with a smaller forehead are the indicators of a triangular face. The jaw line could either be angular or rounded.

To balance the heavy lower half of their face, triangular faced people should go for the kind of sunglasses that draws the eye upwards. For that, you should wear top-heavy frames as they balance out the broadness of your jaw and chin. Or go for tear drop sunglasses because they pull the eye up to your forehead. Sunglasses with heavy brow-line add width to the upper side of your face and counterbalance the broader lower side.



A diamond shaped face has a defined chin and wide cheekbones with a narrow forehead.

Rectangular retro sunglasses balance out your pointy chin. We recommend sunglasses to you that soften the bottom half of your face and draw eyes up to the upper half. The best thing about your face shape is that you can experiment with bright colors and detailed sunglasses, and they’ll usually look good.



A heart shaped face has a cheek part slightly wider than the hairline and a narrow chin.

Round framed sunglasses balance your wide forehead. Go for bottom-heavy sunglasses as they keep proportions in check and broaden the lower part of your face.