How To Style Short Hair

How To Style Short Hair

How To Style Short Hair

Having shorter hair in the summer can be quite relaxing and helpful to fight the scorching heat. However, most men don’t know how to have their hair cut or how to style. So here are some tips that will help you to get a nice haircut and how to style your short hair.


Getting A Short Haircut

The best way to get a short haircut is to get your sides shorter than the top. Ask your hair stylist to do some fading just above your temples. This will let you have your sides shorter and still keep longer hair on the top. The best part of this haircut is that you can style your new hair in any way you want.

Styling Products You Should Know About

Most men don’t have the luxury of getting out of the shower, drying their hair and just run a comb through it to get the desired hair style. They need the help of one or more hair products to get the perfect hairstyle. We advise you to try these products out with inexpensive brands first, rather than high-end and expensive ones, to see what works for you. So here are some products that you can use while styling your hair.

Hair Gel

You probably know about this one. Hair gels dry out the hair, resulting in a much stiffer hold. They are perfect for any professional or formal occasion where you want to look spot on.

Hair Glue

Hair glue, also known as the Mohawk glue (which pretty much explains its purpose), is used to get the spiky punk rocker look. Don’t overuse it without thoroughly washing it out first.

Hair Clay

Use hair clay to style your hair into funky geometric shapes when you go for a fun night out. However, hair clay takes some time to get washed out of your hair, so be warned.

Hair Serums

We all know about those few stray hairs that just won’t stay in the place you want them to. Use hair serums to fix this problem. They can even straighten out any slight curls you have in your hair.


Use hair mousse to bring shine and volume to your hair. Mousse conditions and holds your hair, but the hold is not too stiff.

How To Use The Styling Products

When you’re using hair gels, serums and mousse, you can either use your hands, a comb or a hair brush to distribute the product properly. A comb or brush will give you a more professional and put-together look; however, using your hands will give you more wavy and casual-looking hair.

When you’re using hair glue and clay, the first and foremost rule is not to use too much of it. Secondly, start applying the product into the roots of your hair first and then go all the way up.

Styling Your Hair

Always make sure that the hairstyle you want is appropriate for the occasion or not. It would be odd if you style your hair into a Mohawk when going to a formal event, right?

Classic hairstyles work from day to night in almost every situation. Style your hair with a part, or comb it back during the day, and run your hand through your hair to loosen it up for a slightly messy look during the night.