How To Look Like A Celebrity

How To Look Like A Celebrity

How To Look Like A Celebrity

We all want to look like a celebrity and enjoy the praise and love he gets from the world. While we cannot break down the style and clothing of every celebrity that has ever existed, what we can do is show you some items of clothing that every celebrity wears. So here are some clothing items that you need to add in your wardrobe in order to look like the celebrity version of yourself.

Plaid Cotton Shirt


The plaid cotton shirt is arguably the most common casual shirt among celebrities. That is probably because plaid shirts are very versatile and almost anyone can pull them off. Due to the color variation in them, you can layer them easily with T-shirts.

Scott Disick is a celebrity that we can guarantee you will see in a plaid shirt if you ever see him out in a street. You may either see him wearing it by itself with a couple of top buttons left opened or over a plain black or white T-shirt.

Leather Jacket


The leather jacket is every man’s favorite. It is the statement piece of any alpha man, so it’s no surprise that a celebrity keeps one close to him as well. One such celebrity is Mr. David Beckham. You may even remember seeing him a few times in a leather jacket by now. Leather jackets can be a bit too expensive, but if you take some time to shop around, you’ll find an affordable one with good quality.

Chelsea Boots


The Chelsea boot is one of the most common footwear in LA, and the credit goes to Mr. Kanye West. Chelsea boots skyrocketed to popularity when Kanye West started wearing them all the time. Now we see celebrities and men, especially in LA, wearing them with shirts, T-shirts, hoodies, jackets and what not. Another reason why they got so popular is that they can be worn both in day and night and look great even with monochrome outfits.

To replicate Kanye West’s look, we recommend you to buy these boots from Common Projects and Saint Laurent. Common Projects can be a little costly, but many people can still afford it. However, you may have to save a lot of money if you’re going for Saint Laurent. But the quality is top-notch in both the brands.

Italian Suits


Thanks to their highly skilled craftsmen, there is no doubt that Italian suits are one the best tailored suits in the whole world. A celebrity would always choose an Italian suit over any other because even a celebrity can’t any risks when they’re suiting up, and an Italian suit makes sure that they look spot on.

Canali has been rolling out finely tailored suits of top quality since 1934, and has each of their collection made from their Italian production centers to keep their quality as high as possible. We recommend Canali for a marvelous collection of suits, blazers and tuxes in a variety of colors.

Bomber Jacket


Celebrity or not, the bomber jacket has become one of the top jacket picks for every man since we saw Ryan Gosling rock a stylish white bomber jacket in Drive. You don’t have to wear it only when it’s cold. Despite being very light and comfy, it’s a great wind breaker. Layer your jacket by wearing it over a T-shirt or shirt, preferably longer than the jacket. Because the bomber jacket is usually short, a longer shirt underneath it would look cool. Brightly-colored and patterned bomber jackets are in this year. Now is your chance to go bold, be creative and have fun with your jacket.