Top 3 Style Icons For Summer

Top 3 Style Icons For Summer

Top 3 Style Icons For Summer

To level up your summer style game, we have got you the best style icons to follow this summer who know how to look superb when it comes to styling in summer. From easy-going holiday-ready looks to formal styles when the sun is shining bright, we have it all here. So here are the top 3 style icons who can give you the best summer styling inspiration.



The multi-talented artist, Drake, does a lot of things well, starting from his music to the spot on way he dresses himself whether it’s summer, winter or any other season. We all know that his music is amazing, but when it comes to clothing, he can make even a pair of joggers look incredibly stylish and appropriate for the stage. The best thing about Drake’s style is that he doesn’t always go for designer items; instead, he usually wears pieces that any ordinary man can buy, showing that even ordinary clothes can look great if worn right.

Drake has even worn a sweatshirt and combats and looked extremely good. His summer style is simple and classic. He’s usually seen wearing a pair of jeans with trainers. There’s nothing too slim and fitted. Even when everything is pretty loose, he manages not to look overloaded with fabric.

Ryan Gosling


Every guy wants to be Ryan Gosling, but we all know that can’t happen. However, what can happen is that you adopt Gosling’s summer style because that is the closest to looking like Ryan Gosling you can ever get. When it comes to looking smart in summer, Ryan has a few ideas for us. When a suit seems like too much, Ryan swaps his suit trousers with a pair of chinos. Chinos are a great alternative, and you don’t look like you’re going to the beach either. We recommend you to go for chinos with a slim fit style and pair them with a loosely fitted reverse collar shirt. You can either go for a plain solid shirt or a patterned one.

Dave Franco


James Franco’s brother, Dave Franco, is the next celebrity on our list. Dave Franco is widely admired by both men and women. Dave Franco is the perfect inspiration for you if you want the best mix of smart and casual in your look during summer. One of his classic looks is the polo and trouser combo. When he’s going for a semi-smart look, he chooses the polo and combines it with a pair of smart trousers, finishing off with either a pair of trainers or loafers. This gives him a smart look for summer that doesn’t require any more addition. If you don’t want to wear the polo, a great alternative for you is a simple shirt which will give you an even smarter look. For an evening summer outfit that gives off smart casual vibes, keep your shirt colored and roll up your sleeves.