Best Ways To Wear Stripes

Best Ways To Wear Stripes

Best Ways To Wear Stripes

Stripes are the most popular pattern in the history of fashion. We all have worn a striped shirt, socks or any striped garment at some point in our lives. Stripes come in many different forms—bold, narrow, vertical, horizontal etc—and each form is totally individual in its own way. Therefore, it is crucial to choose the right kind for your body type and outfit and to find a balance between bold and traditional. So here’s a guide that will show you the best ways to wear stripes.


Stripes were actually made to wear to the beach, so it wouldn’t be wrong to call them a uniform for the beach. Therefore, you need to treat it like that as well. However, this extremely casual dressing comes with a couple of rules that you must follow in order to look great. First of all, either wear a striped shirt or a striped T-shirt. Do not wear both together. You’re supposed to have an easy-going, chill look, and you wouldn’t get that by over-styling yourself. Secondly, go for the classic look and choose blue and white stripes. You can never go wrong with them.



When it comes to suits, pinstripe suit is the way to go. Pinstripe suits have been an office wear for so long, but now the fashion gods have allowed them to be an out of the office attire. There are a number of ways you can pull off a pinstripe suit. Firstly, if you’re wearing a pinstripe suit, go for a solidly colored shirt for a simple and decent look. For a more put together look, match your shirt with the color of the pinstripe. Secondly, go double striped if you want to stand out. Wear a shirt with stripes with your suit, but make sure your shirt and suit don’t have the same width of stripes. Lastly, if double stripes are too much for you, go for a gingham shirt with a solid necktie. This way you will not have to wear another set of stripes and still look lively.

Smart Casual


To give you an idea, smart casual dress code includes blazers, T-shirts, button-down shirts, denim and chinos. There are a number of ways you can add stripes into your smart casual look. First, go for horizontal stripes when it comes to T-shirts and knits. The best option for you is the classic Breton stripe that will get you the balance between formal and casual. Horizontal stripes look the best on taller and slimmer men. On the other hand, shorter and heavier should steer away from horizontal stripes in order to avoid being accentuated in all the wrong ways. Secondly, go for thin vertical stripes when it comes to shirts. A shirt with a combination of bold and narrow stripes is a fine option as well. Now, this one is better for shorter and/or heavier men as vertical stripes make them appear taller and slimmer. Men who are already tall and slim better avoid going for vertical stripes.