Guide on how to wear a knit tie part 4

Guide on how to wear a knit tie

Guide on how to wear a knit tie part 4

A knit tie automatically makes you stand out in a sophisticated subtle way, plus you will look trendy.

Ways to wear a knit tie, number 5: Relaxed outfits

Maybe you are the kind of guy who does not want to wear a jacket but still wants to be more dressy and likes to wear maybe vests, in that case, a knit tie is ideal because it closes the V gap of the shirt and the vest you're wearing and it just ties everything very well together. The knit tie has an extra texture that is perfect for an informal ensemble of that nature. Maybe you do not like vests but you like casual jackets such as a Harrington jacket, or maybe a linen Safari jacket, and you can wear knit ties with that as well because of the casual nature. You can go with bolder colors, maybe two-tone colors and just be playful and go with something that you enjoy. Try to pick up colors in your outfit, it could be your shoes, it could be your shirt, it could be your pants, or maybe even your socks.

Ways to wear a knit tie, number 6: Sweaters

This is another great way to wear knit ties. Just bear in mind if you wear ties with a sweater go with a v-neck because they really highlight the tie knot and a crewneck will simply hide it and it looks bad. You can wear a cardigan or maybe a heavy knit cable sweater, both will look good with a knit tie. A lot of men think that you can not dress up a sweater, but that is not the truth. If you wear a sweater with a knit tie, not only you will dress up your outfit, you will also look much better and more formal.