Style Tips For Bald Men

Style Tips For Bald Men

Style Tips For Bald Men

Most men take their hair for granted. Some don’t even consider the fact that they might go bald at some point in the future. However, deep down, we all fear losing our hair and going bald. Since not everybody can look good bald, baldness is considered unattractive. That is untrue for men who know how to carry themselves and keep themselves updated on fashion. The truth is that a bald man who knows his fashion will never look unappealing. The whole world loves Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. There are many other bald celebrities, such as Patrick Stewart, Samuel L. Jackson and Mark Strong, who never let their bald head steal their charm.

Bald is in, guys. Stop brooding, embrace your baldness and use it to look fashionable. Here are some fashion tips that can be helpful for bald men.


Embrace Your Baldness

Balding men are often seen fighting their inevitable baldness, using shampoos, oils, hairpieces and what not. Instead of being in denial and trying so hard, take the high road, shave your head and go completely bald. If not completely bald then at least consider keeping your hair very short. A buzz cut can be a good option for you.

Baseball Caps

Baseballs caps aren’t made to hide someone’s bald head. However, they can look really nice when worn by a bald man. Wear it with a hooded sweatshirt and ripped, distressed jeans for a cool urban look. Use dark baseball caps as they will give you the best results. Dark colors, like black, are foolproof, more versatile and can accentuate your face in a good way.

The Turtleneck

Not everybody can rock a turtleneck—and look good—but they happen to be a blessing for bald men. It is still unclear as to how it happens, but bald men look magnificent in turtleneck sweaters, especially when worn with dark washed out jeans or khaki chinos. Bald men also look amazing in crew neck or V-neck sweaters which are more versatile than the turtleneck.

Dark Colors

When you’re bald, you have the ability to provide contrast to your outfit. The best way to achieve that is to wear shirts with darker colors, such as gray, navy, earthy green or black. Dark clothes contrast well with your bald head, making even the most monotonous ensemble shine in ways that can never be achieved by a person with a head full of hair.

A Sartorial Advice

When suiting up, consider wearing cutaway collars, and pair them with the double Windsor tie knot. The large knot and the cutaway collared shirt will combine perfectly with your bald head.

Confidence Is Key

Most importantly, no matter what you do and what you wear, always be confident. Confidence is more attractive than looks. This is the most important tip a balding or bald man can get. Your confidence is made visible by the kind of clothes you wear, so dress accordingly and show the world how comfortable you are with yourself. The more confident you are when stepping out the door in the day, the more likely it is that you will attract all the right kinds of attention.