Never Ignore These Things While Buying A Watch

Never Ignore These Things While Buying A Watch

Never Ignore These Things While Buying A Watch

Due to such a tough competition in the watch market, it is impossible to pick one ultimate watch and suggest it to everyone. Also, whether you are out to buy a driving watch or a dress watch, an aviator or a diver watch, there are a number of factors to consider before you finally buy a watch.

When you are buying a dress watch, you need to check the thickness of the case so that you don’t end up buying anything too bulky for your hand. You also need to check the size of the crown, making sure it’s small enough, and the quality of the leather strap because leather wears quickly. In the case of a diving watch, you should look for something that has a helium escape valve and a large strap that fits over the wetsuit. With a flying watch, the crown of your wrist watch needs to be large so that it is easy to turn it while you’re wearing gloves. Also, your watch should have super-luminova coated indices to make it more readable in low light. And in the case of a driving watch, the dial of the watch should always have a fully functioning chronograph.

No matter what kind of watch you wish to buy, there are four important factors that you should always consider.


You Can Never Go Wrong With Swiss Brands

If your watch—automatic or mechanical—is made in-house by a major Swiss brand, you need not worry because it will most likely be of a much better quality than a watch mass-produced externally.

Check The Edges Of The Lugs

Check the lugs or the case of your watch properly. If there are any sharp edges, your watch has been made with poor craftsmanship and it means that the watch hasn’t been finished properly.

Can You Swim With It?

Always go for a watch that is water resistant to 50 meters at the very least. 50 meters means that it is water-proof enough that you can swim with this watch. If you can afford 100 meters or even 200 meters, you should go for it. However, they are more water resistant, and it is not likely for a man to be in contact with water so much with a watch, unless he’s a diver or swimmer.

Go For A Strong Watch

If you can, opt for a watch finished with scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass. Without that, a watch is vulnerable to even the slightest bash.