Unusual But Stylish Fashion Items That All Men Must Buy

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Unusual But Stylish Fashion Items That All Men Must Buy

Things start getting a little out of hand in the world of fashion as the temperature rises and designers and brands start discounting their clothing lines. Men start buying even the most unusual fashion items that they would never buy normally. Here are some crazy fashion pieces that are increasingly getting famous among men these days.



The kimono originated in 5th century Japan and it has come a long way since then. It was inspired by Han Chinese fashion, but during the Edo period, the kimono found longer sleeves and a wider belt and turned into the shaped that we are most familiar with. 

Japanese brands have stepped up their fashion game, making the kimono appropriate for today's fashion and an alternative to a blazer, jacket and overcoat. The modern kimono looks the best in muted colors and in that way it can be used as a smart casual jacket which can be worn to the office. The best part of the kimono is that its loose and unstructured fit makes it highly comfortable and maximizes movement

Man Tote


The next fashion item on our list is the Tote bag. Tote bags started off as a mean to transport ice in the 40s by the US brand LL Bean. Today’s tote bag is both large enough for a gym kit and simple enough for a suit, making it a very popular choice in men’s fashion these days. They are masculine and, mostly, monochrome, made from durable canvas or buttery leather (or both). They’re also available with geometric print which is perfect for a lively fellow. Not just that, modern totes are also available in denim! A luxurious pebble-grain is ideal for strictly business purposes. For a slightly less strict office environment, totes in blue, brown or black with chunky zips and embossed edging provide the appropriate style.

Ottoman Suit


Printed tailoring has become very famous in men’s fashion lately. No, we’re not talking about windowpane check, herringbone and dogtooth; it goes beyond them. Inspired from the rugs of the Ottoman era, Ikat and Kilim bring more interesting colors and patterns in your wardrobe and are perfect for summer fashion.

They’re made from pure cotton, making them perfect for warm weather and casual tailoring. They look great when paired with a short sleeve shirt and a same-scale print in geo-print or fern. Another great way to style them is to wear a denim blazer in place of the jacket. Whichever you choose, pair it with clean-cut sneakers and colorful socks, picking one of the colors from your suit. That said, this look is not for offices, so keep it away from your workplaces.