Money secrets I wish I knew earlier part two

Money secrets I wish I knew earlier

Money secrets I wish I knew earlier part two

Money secret number four: Find a mentor

Find somebody who has already walked this path and is willing to show you. If you are going to climb Mt. Everest, yeah, you could do it without a Sherpa, but you are most likely going to wind up dead on the mountain. You may eventually reach the top of where you are going, but if you would have sought out mentorship and you are going to have to pay for it and they want to make sure that you are ready for the information they are going to give you.

Money secret number five: Figure out where you want to go

You don't want to start going through medical school, all this stuff just to realize that you don't want to be a doctor. Your parents wanted you to be a doctor, make sure you are going your own path.

Money secret number six: Do what you love

This one may sound like a cliche, do what you love, but what is not going to sound like a cliche is what we love is what we are good at. If you want to find something that you will get paid for and you are going to love, you have got to put in the work and effort.  If you do what you love then you will for sure feel better.

Money secret number seven:  It is easier to earn more than it is to save more

If you are making $25000 a year, how are you going to be able to save $20000 a year? It is very difficult to do that if you are having to save any percent of your income. But, let's say you start to make $50000 a year, saving that same $20000 becomes a lot easier.