How To Style Pleated Trousers

How To Style Pleated Trousers

How To Style Pleated Trousers

Remember pleats? Yes, we are talking about the same pleated pants that your younger self despised. The last time we saw pleated pants was way back in the early 90s. And now, after about 25 years, pleated pants are back in fashion, so much so that big brands like Hermès and Ralph Lauren have already started rolling them out. Combined with the fashion of today, pleated pants have completely transformed into a fresh piece of clothing. We’re sure you wouldn’t dislike them this time. To be honest, pleated pants were always classy and had a lot to offer. No other kind of pants gives fabric, room and impact like pleated pants.

There are a lot of choices with pleated pants. Pleats come in forward and reverse; shallow and deep; and single, double and triple kinds. They’re even available in the shape of drop-crotch trousers, dress pants and even jeans. The modern pleated pants are slimmer than before. They fit gracefully and rest high on your hips, and their slightly tapered ends fall gently to your shoes. We’ll show you how to style your pleated pants after a quarter century.

Dress Your Pleats Down


Pleated trousers are classic and traditional, but always remember that they are not formal. Tucked in Cuban collar shirts look great with a pair of straight legged pleated trousers. Consider layering with a white T-shirt, too.

Go Double Pleated


Step up your pleat game and wear double pleated trousers. The addition of another pleat shows that you are really following the trend. A Breton stripe T-shirt or a well-tailored suit combined with double pleated trousers look superb.

Footwear Is Important


A pair of good pleated trousers wouldn’t hide your footwear. So, for a smart look, wear your pleated trousers with double-buckled shoes. Balance the extra fabric with a chunky, commando sole.

Street Style


Pleated trousers even look well with street wear. Wear a boldly colored sweatshirt with your pleated trousers, and complete your street look with a pair of sneakers to have a great, casual street look.

Let Them Become Your Statement Piece


Due to their potent nature, pleated trousers demand the spotlight, and you should give that to them if you’re wearing them. Let them become a statement piece, and wear a simple and clean T-shirt with slip-ons and brogues. It looks easy-going and contemporary.