What to Wear to An Interview - The Proper Interview Outfit

What to Wear to An Interview - The Proper Interview Outfit

What to wear to an interview? A question as old as jobs themselves.

Congratulations, you finally landed an interview with that company you’ve been dreaming of! Now comes the easy part of meeting your (hopefully) future boss, impressing them, figuring out what to wear to an interview, being better than everyone else applying, not forgetting your name… wait…

Ok, so maybe you aren’t out of the woods yet but don’t count yourself out just yet. There are going to be other applicants, so you need leave an impression with your future employers to get the job you want. Whether it’s at the bar down the street or a law office, people notice how you look.

So you might be asking yourself “What to wear to an interview that really matters?” Don't worry, we got you covered. By taking the appropriate steps before and following this guide will prepare you, giving you a competitive edge so you don’t have to eat microwaved ramen noodles for the fifth time this week.

Before The Interview

Like most things in life, if you prepare well you will be just fine. If you don’t, you got about a 50/50 chance that you will do well, at best. Do your research before, it will go a long way to acing the the interview. Know the company thoroughly, have an idea of the work culture, and think of thoughtful questions. Learning the company’s culture will give you a sense of what their ideal employee looks like.

A new startup will be vastly different from a Big 4 accounting firm that somehow avoids paying taxes every year. Knowing about the job for will help you dress like you belong. Also, make sure to bring a copy of your resume and be able to talk about each aspect thoroughly.

What To Wear To An Interview

Now comes the part that some men will worry about a week before the actual meeting, what to wear for an interview? I typically stick with the rule of “Look good but not flashy” meaning dress like you belong in an office, not like you belong on the red carpet.


Step It Up A Notch

A good rule of thumb: dress one level up from the office’s day to day attire. So if they normally wear slacks and a button down opt for a suit or a nice shirt and tie. Another reason to do your research ahead of time.

Don't Forget To Clean Up

Another key is to shave. Don’t be the schmuck that goes to his big interview with two day old five-o'clock shadow. Most employers will tell you to turn back around if you walk through their door looking unkempt. A beard or mustache works so long as you have it well groomed and don’t look like a homeless person found a suit.

What color suit should you wear to an interview?

Always go with dark colors. You can never go wrong with a nice navy suit or this iconic black suit outfit. Make sure the shirt you pick complements your suit and doesn't overwhelm the suit. Pink or yellow might be nice for Easter or a barbeque but not for an interview. Imagine the type of professional that you would hire, I bet he wasn’t wearing a purple polka dotted shirt or anything with floral print.

Get The Fit Right

How the suit fits is the most important aspect of a suit Try on your favorite suit a week before and make sure everything fits, especially the sleeves. Nothing makes someone look less professional than having to pull up their sleeves for a handshake. Don’t make the employer question whether or not you had to borrow your dad’s jacket, make sure it fits.

Don’t sleep on the details. Nice shoes and the right tie complete a professional outfit. Shoes make an outfit. Depending on the suit color either black or brown work best. These shoes shouldn’t be worn frequently and in good condition. So help me god if you wear Jordan’s or any other type sneakers to your professional interview you might as well not show up.

The tie gives you chance to be a little creative, but don’t get too crazy. Stick to the basics like black, grey, blue, dark green, or dark red. Keep in mind the right neck-wear ties the whole outfit together (pun intended).

With all these hints and a touch of confidence, the other applicants won't stand a chance. Now go try on that suit and go ace your interview.

Do you have any advice about what to wear to an interview? Be sure to comment below!