Popular Men’s Bracelets And How To Wear Them

Popular Men’s Bracelets And How To Wear Them

Popular Men’s Bracelets And How To Wear Them

"Bracelets and men” doesn’t sound like a great combination. However, men’s bracelets have become very popular lately, especially among fashion enthusiasts. Many of the world’s style icons and celebrities are going beyond wrist watches and adopting all kinds of bracelets, from metallic cuffs to leather bands. However, wearing bracelets comes with rules to follow and things to remember. Make sure you don’t wear anything too gaudy or too girly. Go for stylish and manly bracelets that complement your outfit.

Here are some men’s bracelets that you would like.

Metal Chains And Cuffs


Due to their simplicity and ruggedness, metal bracelets are one of the most popular kinds of bracelets. In metallic bracelets, ID bracelets are very famous for their masculinity, heaviness and their silvery color. Don’t over-embellish your left hand (the watch hand); instead wear your bracelet on the right one. This will provide your look some balance. Wear a bracelet that matches the shade of your watch so that they complement each other. As far as metal cuffs are concerned, make sure not to buy one that looks like a bangle. Consider oxidized and polished styles as they make the cuff look manlier.

Leather Bracelets


Leather bands are not just masculine, but they are also very versatile. With wider cuffs, they can be worn at casual occasions whereas the thinner ones can be worn at formal occasions. They can come in woven form or as a simple, single piece of leather that wraps around the wrist. You can wear your leather bracelet and wrist watch on the same wrist as the leather can also contrast well with the dial of your wrist watch.

Fabric Woven Bracelets


The fabric woven bracelet is another popular but very affordable choice. It is made from cotton or poly material mix, which makes it very cheap. Additionally, these bracelets are one of most colorful ones out there. You can wear them at formal events, matching them with your tie or pocket square, or your chinos when you’re in the streets. Woven bracelets are the most harmonious of them all as they are designed to complement watches and rings and look nice when paired with metal and leather bracelets.

Beaded Bracelets


The choices are endless with beaded bracelets. This is exactly why they are the most popular men’s bracelets today. They come in luxurious styles as well as in cheaper, old plastic styles. The best way to wear them is to stack a few of them together, mixing different bead colors, sizes, patterns and textures. Don’t do this at a formal occasion though. With a formal suit, go for a low-key approach— don’t wear too many bracelets and keep the bracelet monochromatic. Summer events call for more colors and textures, so don’t be afraid to put on a few extra bracelets.