Guide on how to wear a knit tie part 2

Guide on how to wear a knit tie part 2

Because they are made from a high twisted silk yarn that really crunches when you touch it, the knit tie will not wrinkle at all so it is a perfect tie for travel or if you are prone to just throwing your ties somewhere and not storing them properly.

The reason why you should invest in a knit tie:

They are so versatile. They can be worn with a formal business suit and because of its more relaxed character, they bring down the formality, at the same time, they can be worn with regular sports coats, and even if you do not have a sports coats, it might be just a linen jacket.

Ways to wear a knit tie, number 1: Business suits

Most men wear regular neckties with them, however, a knit tie can add an element of texture to it, especially if you have a solid business suit in charcoal or navy. Another easy color to combine with blue suits is brown and therefore, a tobacco brown knit tie is also a great investment, at the same time, you can wear it with a lot of items in your casual wardrobe. So definitely a good tie to have in your tie closet.

Ways to wear a knit tie, number 2: Blazers

No matter if you wear with chinos or maybe flannel pants in off-white, and therefore, the knit tie ties everything well together. If you like it bolder, you can go with your navy blazer and maybe a striped shirt and a magenta colored knit tie especially with a two-tone. It is a pop of color and it definitely makes you stand out from the crowd. In the summer you should go with mottled yarn knit ties. You can go with a lighter blue for a more fresher airy look, maybe with some orange, or with some purple tone.