Dress For The Occasion: Graduation Attire

Dress For The Occasion: Graduation Attire

Graduation, the product of four years of hardwork and sleepless nights. This right of passage calls for a celebration, celebrate success appropriately by dressing for the occasion.

What You Need To Know Ahead Of Graduation

Graduation Is A Time To Celebrate

  • College roughly translates to “something that needs to be done but no one really wants to do”. Now the graduate can finally celebrate what he/she worked so hard for. You should be excited for them and ready to share their special day with them.

Be Prepared To Stand

  • Graduations. Take. Forever. Between everyone getting their diploma and countless speeches, they can take anywhere from two to five hours depending on the size of the graduating class. Post commencement ceremonies take even longer and often require a lot of standing. Dress comfortably so you don’t hate yourself after the third hour.

Expect Sunny Weather

  • Most graduations happen in either mid or late May, the start of summer. This time of the year generally means nice weather so wear something breathable and in season. Make sure to check the weather just in case.

What To Wear To Graduation - Graduation Attire For A Graduate


Keep It Simple

  • Don’t overthink the outfit. A suit or sports jacket with a tie is the standard. Try an always classy navy suit to show your maturity but still look good.

Don’t Forget The Tie

  • Most likely, you won’t be wearing a jacket the entire time, but you that tie should not leave your neck. Wear a tie, a lot of pictures are taken at graduation.

The Shoes Matter

  • The gown will cover most of your suit… besides the shoes. Make sure your shoes look nice, often it will be the only part of your graduation attire that can be seen.

Graduation Attire For A Guest

Keep It Business Casual

  • Graduation is not your special day, there’s no need for you to whip out your tuxedo. Go for business casual or a relaxed suit instead. Consider a tie if the venue calls for it but definitely wear a nice blazer regardless of location.

Consider Warm Colors

  • Summer calls for brighter colors. Set the tone of the graduation party with exciting options such as a Light Gray Summer Suit. Relax, you have nothing to do besides celebrate.