How to look like rich without robbing a bank part two

How to look like rich without robbing a bank

How to look like rich without robbing a bank part two

Looking rich tip number two: Accessories

We are talking about jewelry, we are talking about watches and we are talking about sunglasses. Anything that you wear to accessorize and classics are where you start. Aviators, a great pair of classic sunglasses. You want to go with Wayfarers style or you can go with Clubmaster style, a wide range of different types of sunglasses. Start with the classics.

You want to make sure that your accessories are clean, polished, that there are no scratches on it. If it has leather pieces, like a leather band on a watch, you want to make sure it is not scratched up, replace it if necessary.
When it comes to your jewelry, take it in to get clean, especially if you have anything with stones. When it comes down to it, guys, you don't want anything that looks overly worn or it is about to break.

Looking rich tip number three: Avoid oversized logos

Unless you are getting paid by the brand, guys, you don't want to wear that huge logo that can be seen from five miles out. It is best to avoid them because they just look tacky. Now, a small logo, yes, that is perfectly fine, but once you start seeing those repeating logos on the trousers or on the shirts, I like to avoid that. It just doesn't look good. You want to avoid novelties as well. So, novelty neckties, novelty pocket squares. You want to be very careful with novelty items. They really can tear apart an outfit. Oftentimes, simply going with solid colors, very classic. The dark-colored suit, the white shirt. When you are lost here think about simplicity rules and it will get you very far in looking rich.