What To Wear To A Wedding

Wedding season is upon us once again. Get ready for countless photos of smiling couples, floral arrangements, groups of strangers, uncomfortable dance circles, and men in suits. A true gentleman seizes this picture friendly opportunity by stunting in his nicest suit. Then the invite calls it a “casual wedding”, ok… So how do you know what to wear to a wedding?

Go From Plus One To Life Of The Party

What To Wear To A Wedding

The rise of themed weddings continues to grow making it impossible to have just one go to “wedding suit”. A Gatsby theme calls for a certain roaring 20’s nuance versus when Cousin Dwight gets married on a beat farm. Just because the customs evolve doesn’t mean you need to break the bank to be appropriately dressed. Consider building on your wardrobe to be prepared for whatever a “Beach Formal Wedding” entails and never worry about what to wear to a wedding again.

What To Wear To A Wedding Option 1: Standard Gray Suit


What to wear to a wedding gray suit

The Gray Slim Fit Suit is always a good option for what to wear to a wedding, regardless of venue or season. Dress up with a crisp white dress shirt and a strong navy tie or show some chest hair at a more casual venue. Wear this timeless suit to almost any formal event or sport the jacket with a pair of jeans for a more casual style. Experiment with bold shirts or ties maybe even a pocket square, to truly make this look your own.


Rachell’s Style Tips

Knowing what to wear to a wedding is tricky business and I am a straight male so my knowledge on fashion is inherently limited. Thankfully we have Delilah, our resident fashionista, to provide some guidance. Try some of these helpful tips when planning your next wedding outfit!

  • Mix different shirt and tie patterns to stand out from the crowd. Ladies see that and see a confident man putting effort and thought into his presentation. In the summer, take full advantage of bright colors (such as this Lilac dress shirt) in your pairing, everybody loves color in the warmer months. In the winter or fall, a good knit tie with a patterned shirt makes for such a classy look.
  • Skip the tie sometimes, but DO NOT look sloppy.  If you aren’t wearing a tie you need to do the cool but effortlessly, suave look. To achieve this, take the time to accessorize well to pull off your effortlessly dapper style.
  • The venue clues you into how casual or formal the wedding is going to be so always look at the invitation. If it’s outside in the summer you definitely want a breathable suit, maybe a suit jacket isn’t even required. If the wedding is in a church, be safe, and wear a tie (or bowtie).
  • Cool socks are an awesome and simple way to add a touch of personal flair to a suit. Bold patterned socks also help highlight your snazzy dance moves. Just do your little side step, maybe kick the ankle a little bit, and boom show those socks.
  • Accessories can really make a suit pop. Add anything from a bowtie or a snazzy knot on your tie to a watch to bring your suit to the next level. Even suspenders are fair game for a wedding. Kick your normal formal outfits up a notch.

What To Wear To A Wedding Option 2: Be Bold and Blue

What to wear to a wedding blue suit

The Royal Blue Chalk Stripe Suit’s stunning color and adventurous look makes it a perfect wedding suit. Wear it to an outdoor summer event to bring your own heat to the party. Make your presence felt with this powerful suit option. Remember it’s called royal blue for a reason, awake your inner king.


Wedding Survival Guide

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