The Modern Fit Suit For Dapper Men

The Modern Fit Suit For Dapper Men

Getting To Know The Modern Fit Suit

A busy man who’s looking for a fuss free suit will more often than none choose the Modern Fit Suit. The Modern Fit Suit is tailor made to fall in between the Ultra Slim Fit and Regular Fit which is usually the optimum choice for a man of average build and height. Plus, for those who just aren’t quite confident to pull off an Ultra Slim Fit, our Modern Fit Suit is your go to option. However, if your body type is simply small and slender, take our word and go ahead with the Ultra Slim Fit instead.

Who Wears The Modern Fit Suit Best

The Modern Fit Suit is generally worn by many without knowing if the fit suits them or not and this usually affects their appearance. In order for you to avoid such a mistake, pick up the Modern Fit Suit only when your body frame cannot fit into an Ultra Slim Fit or find the Regular Fit too boxy for your liking. At Hundred Dollar Suits, your comfort and style both plays an important role in what suits we have to offer. For the professional man who likes a tapered fit without a boxy silhouette, the Modern Fit Suit is right for you.

Buying Your Modern Fit Suit Online

Most men worry about online shopping particularly because either they have never done it before or don’t like the idea of sifting through products. At Hundred Dollar Suits we make things easier by providing quick guides from what to wear to how to buy. Follow these easy steps to make your online shopping experience hassle free and so you can grab your new Modern Fit Suit to go.


  • Do have a copy of your own measurements ready. Can also reference from an existing suit but having your own personal measurements are always better.
  • Do look through product information and other content. Sites like ours often have all the information you need. Browse and read.
  • Do find out the purpose of your purchase - formal, casual, Black Tie, party, business professional and more. Knowing why you need the suit usually narrows down your search to WHAT suit you will be purchasing.


  • Don’t overlook your body type, height and build. This has nothing to do with discrimination. Before buying your Modern Fit Suit, you first need to acknowledge your body frame.
  • Don’t expect an exact personally made fit. If you’re looking for a replica of a personally tailored suit, buying it online is not the answer. Allow room for minor adjustments.
  • Don’t forget to check the return policy. Hundred Dollar Suits offers an easy to follow returns procedure so we’ve got you covered.

Learning these simple do’s and don’ts will have you purchasing your new suit in no time. Go ahead and browse our wide selection of Modern Fit Suit in various colors and styles now.