Dress Combo That Require Only Two Items Of Clothing

Dress Combo That Require Only Two Items Of Clothing

Dress Combo That Require Only Two Items Of Clothing

Life has become fast and difficult for all of us these days, and none of us want dressing up to be so stressful like our office meetings. In this fashion forward age, we have so many clothing items to choose from that sometimes it takes us hours to get ready. So, we are here to make getting ready easier for you with these latest menswear combinations that only need two pieces. You just have to put on these two, combine your outfit with a pair of shoes and wear the appropriate accessories, and you’ll be good to go! However, these combos are more appropriate for post-work outings or weekends. We will come up with something for your work outfits too someday, so don’t worry.

Denim And Prints


Level up your style game and ditch those 60s and 70s colors and prints. Go for a simpler style. Wear a monochromatic shades with simpler and understated prints, such as small geometrics and floral. Complete the combo with a white jean, and wear loafers for an overall decent look.

You can go colorful and fancy during the day. Go for short sleeved shirts with bolder colors like orange, pink and yellow. For the bottom, stick with your vintage denim, and complete your outfit with a pair of neat and clean tennis shoes.

Denim And Plaid


Plaid shirts have been very fashionable lately. With plaid’s usual dark shades—charcoal, brown and black—mixed with different colors, you wouldn’t need any other statement piece. Also, style it with a neutrally colored denim jean to complement your shirt’s color scheme. This is the easiest combo, in our opinion, as everybody has at least one plaid shirt and denim jean.

Cuban Collar Shirt And Smart Trousers


Cuban collar shirts give a man a massively charming and classy look. Known for their open lapel collar shape, they are mostly short sleeved and have a looser drape when tucked in because of their short, square shape. These shirts are a great alternative for short-sleeved shirts and Oxford button-down shirts. For smart events, wear this shirt with dark and neutral colors, like navy and plum purple. Pairing it with a smart trouser (in fabrics like wool and jersey cotton) would make you look dapper and much different from the rest. To finish the Cuban look, put on leather lace up shoes and a felt fedora.