Top mistakes that ruin your morning part three

Top mistakes that ruin your morning

Top mistakes that ruin your morning part one

Getting up early in the morning sucks, but in the most cases, we that for the work, for the money, and for the better life. So you don't want to get that even worse than it already is. Try avoiding these mistakes, and your morning will for sure get improved.

Morning mistake 7: Not drinking enough water

You go straight for a coffee. Okay, coffee is fine, I am not going to say give up the coffee, I personally love coffee, but before you have your coffee, drink a glass of water. Before you walk out the door, drink another glass of water. You want to start the day hydrated. All the successful athletic guys I know that take really good care of their bodies, they drink a lot of water. They also set up systems so that having access to water is very easy.

Morning mistake 8: Not eating a healthy breakfast

The next mistake that could ruin your day is not eating a healthy breakfast. For me that is making it at home, it is going to be a lot less expensive, I can control what goes into my body and guys, you just went ten plus hours without eating so I understand some of you are fasting maybe this isn't your thing, but most of us, we don't eat a good breakfast, we are going to overeat at lunchtime. I know for me if I am in a hurry four boiled eggs, a banana and I will take that good to go. Guys, find what works for you, but make sure not to skip breakfast because it is a most important meal of the day and it is supposed to keep you full until you go for the lunch.