Guide on how to wear a knit tie part 1

Guide on how to wear a knit tie

Guide on how to wear a knit tie part 1

A knit tie is something most men are not always familiar with. Most men know regular neckties, 3-fold neckties with a pointed tip, on the other hand, a traditional knit tie is flat at the bottom because that is the way it is knitted and it is also straight on the sides, that means the top of the tie is as wide as the bottom. Sometimes you can also find knit ties in a shape of a traditional tie meaning it has pointed tips and it gets wider as it goes down, however, that is very difficult to make because you have to manually remove the knots of each line on top to create a traditional three-fold tie shape.

Why you should wear a knit tie and what it can do for you:

A knit tie has a fantastic texture. By that, I mean it is three-dimensional when you look at it but also when you touch it because of that, it is less formal and it is more casual. Therefore, it is very well suited for most outfits today which are not super formal but more casual and relaxed. When you go with silk knit ties, you should go with cri de la soie knit ties which means the cry of a silk and it gets its name because when you touch it and move it between your fingers, you hear a crunch. This crunch means that the tie is thicker, it is not as fluid, it stands up when you hold it up and it is just a very sophisticated look. To get a knit tie in that way, it has to be made on a very old machine. They are first knitted flat then put on a wooden form so they get the shape, then they are steamed and sewn together by hand in the back.