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  • Streetwear Fashion

    Unusual But Stylish Fashion Items That All Men Must Buy

    Things start getting a little out of hand in the world of fashion as the temperature rises and designers and brands start discounting their clothing lines. Men start buying even the most unusual fashion items that they would never buy normally. Here are some crazy fashion pieces that are increasingly getting famous among men these days.

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  • Notch Lapel - Peak Lapel - Shawl Lapel

    Suits come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors. If you have spent any time shopping for suits at all, you’ve likely come across the word “lapel” in the description. So you maybe wondering, what is a lapel? Continue reading

  • Money secrets I wish I knew earlier

    Money secrets I wish I knew earlier part three

    Money secret number eight: No one is better than you

    This tip you have to understand. So many people for some reason don't believe that I am worthy that I can do it. You have what it takes to succeed. This is a very important thing because if you don't believe in that you will not be able to do any work or to earn big money because you can't give your maximum if you don't believe in yourself.

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  • How to buy your perfrct suit online

    How to buy your perfect suit online

     Buying any item of clothing online can be a struggle, let alone buying a suit. Suits can be expensive, and you don’t want to spend loads of cash on an ill-fitting suit. It’s hard to get the size correct and you don’t completely know what condition the item will be in when it arrives to you, but in the modern age of technology buying your perfect suit online couldn’t be easier. If you keep these simple tips in mind, then buying your perfect suit online will be no hassle at all.
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  • Wear your Favorite Superhero Suit

    Wear your Favorite Superhero Suit

    Have you ever imagined what suits will fit the best to our favorite superhero personalities, and what superhero suits you should wear to emulate their style? Being fascinated from a superhero is not odd at all. In fact, we all get impressed by their personalities and styles. So, here are some suggestions on choosing the right suit according to your favorite superhero personality.

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  • Money secrets I wish I knew earlier

    Money secrets I wish I knew earlier part two

    Money secret number four: Find a mentor

    Find somebody who has already walked this path and is willing to show you. If you are going to climb Mt. Everest, yeah, you could do it without a Sherpa, but you are most likely going to wind up dead on the mountain. You may eventually reach the top of where you are going, but if you would have sought out mentorship and you are going to have to pay for it and they want to make sure that you are ready for the information they are going to give you.

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  • How To Style Pleated Trousers

    How To Style Pleated Trousers

    Remember pleats? Yes, we are talking about the same pleated pants that your younger self despised. The last time we saw pleated pants was way back in the early 90s. And now, after about 25 years, pleated pants are back in fashion, so much so that big brands like Hermès and Ralph Lauren have already started rolling them out. Combined with the fashion of today, pleated pants have completely transformed into a fresh piece of clothing. We’re sure you wouldn’t dislike them this time. To be honest, pleated pants were always classy and had a lot to offer. No other kind of pants gives fabric, room and impact like pleated pants.

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  • This is How Shoes can Make or Break Your Look

    This is How Shoes can Make or Break Your Look

    Have you ever seen a beautifully dressed guy with a creepy pair of shoes? Well, we all have seen these guys. It is very common indeed. Shoes are an important part of your dressing. Shoes can make or break your look in a big way. They can make you look amazing, but they can also completely ruin your whole style if not worn appropriately. So, don’t be that guy who becomes the victim of his shoes. Here are some of the shoes mistakes that you need to avoid, so that you always look awesome and stylish.

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  • What to Wear to An Interview - The Proper Interview Outfit

    What to wear to an interview? A question as old as jobs themselves.

    Congratulations, you finally landed an interview with that company you’ve been dreaming of! Now comes the easy part of meeting your (hopefully) future boss, impressing them, figuring out what to wear to an interview, being better than everyone else applying, not forgetting your name… wait… Continue reading

  • Popular Men’s Bracelets And How To Wear Them

    Popular Men’s Bracelets And How To Wear Them

    "Bracelets and men” doesn’t sound like a great combination. However, men’s bracelets have become very popular lately, especially among fashion enthusiasts. Many of the world’s style icons and celebrities are going beyond wrist watches and adopting all kinds of bracelets, from metallic cuffs to leather bands. However, wearing bracelets comes with rules to follow and things to remember. Make sure you don’t wear anything too gaudy or too girly. Go for stylish and manly bracelets that complement your outfit.

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