Belt Or No Belt—Putting An End To The Debate

Belt Or No Belt—Putting An End To The DebateBelt Or No Belt—Putting An End To The Debate

Belt Or No Belt—Putting An End To The Debate

To belt or not to belt? For many years, man has been unable to give an ultimate answer to this question. This is a highly important sartorial matter which has still not been solved due to so many opinions on each side. So we are here today to share our opinion on this never-ending sartorial debate and end this argument once and for all.


Why Should You Wear A Belt?

  • Wearing a belt is widely considered as a default. A simple black or brown belt matching your shoes is a part of traditional styling.

  • Belts are functional. You would need a belt to keep your trousers in place if they’re a bit loose.

  • Without a belt, belt loops are left empty. Empty belt loops look odd and give an impression of incompleteness. This is probably the only noticeable thing about not wearing a belt with a tucked in shirt.

Why Should You Not Wear A Belt?

  • No-belt is slowly becoming a silent trend. Many celebrities don’t wear belt with their suits. Just observe in any red carpet event. Also, it looks more elegant. When your belt is not grabbing people’s attention, they tend to notice your perfectly tailored clothes more than your waist.

  • If your trousers are a bit too loose, wearing a belt would bunch up your waistband. That just makes you look sloppy and tacky. It can even ruin the fabric.

  • Belts are informal. Have you ever wondered why most tuxedo pants don’t have any belt loops? It’s because you’re not supposed to wear a belt with them. Belts steal the spotlight from your meticulously-fitted tux. The same can be said for the rest of your formal attires.


It is not surprising that this debate has still not ended. Both sides make very strong points. Now it is time for our take on this.

We recommend you to lose the belt when you’re suiting up for formal occasions.

There’s no doubt that belts are an informal accessory. They divert people’s attention from perfectly fitting suit, stealing the spotlight of your well put-together look. Yes, empty belt loops don’t look great—and we hope that they’re soon replaced by side tabs—but letting a belt draw attention to your waistline, which should be on the rest of your outfit, is not an awesome move either. Also, loose pants should not even be an issue as a suit is supposed to be tailored to your precise measurements.

However, if you’re wearing a more relaxed and casual suit, add a belt by all means. A belt will go well with a relaxed and not-so-formal look.