How To Style & Combine an Overcoat part 3

How To Style & Combine an Overcoat

How To Style & Combine an Overcoat part 3

So how should you choose an overcoat for your outfit? As a core principle, it should ideally contrast other elements in your wardrobe. If you have lighter accessories and pants, a darker overcoat is better because you always want it to contrast. If you have lots of solids in your wardrobe you can either go with a solid overcoat or with a patterned overcoat. If you go for a solid I suggest to go with an interesting texture, maybe a tweed, maybe a bold weave in a solid color because that makes just all the more useful because you can combine it with different shades of colors but also more interesting and it provides a certain amount of contrast from your otherwise solid pants.

Overcoat tip: How do you style bolder colored overcoats?

First of all let me say I do not think it is a wise idea to invest in a really bold overcoat in yellow, red or maybe green early on because it is just a very narrow field where you can wear it and the cost per wear will be quite high. It is also quite a statement piece and because of that, I think it is only suited to someone who really knows what they are doing and who has an advance closet where all the basics are already covered. If you end up with a bold overcoat, for example, a green one, make sure to tone down the rest of your outfit. You can wear a scarf in a subtle brown tone, and brown gloves which are not loud and bold but very classic. Also, you can pair that with dark brown pants as well as with dark brown boots.

Overcoat tip: Accessories

Now overcoats are not cheap and most men have just one or two. In order to not keep it boring and to create different looks, I suggest really pay attention to your accessories, because they will make your outfit look better and complete.