These Stylish Things Will Never Get Old

These Stylish Things Will Never Get Old

These Stylish Things Will Never Get Old

Many trends come and go, but some stand the test of time. Some great menswear pieces get so popular that people can’t have enough of them, even decades later. That is why they remain in fashion and become fashion staples for men’s fashion of any given period. Here are some classic pieces that have been around for years and are still trendy.

The Trench Coat


Trench coats were made in 1895, by Burberry, for British officers to dress the soldiers who went to fight in wars. This more than a century old coat has retained much of its shape and style and has kept almost all of its components.

Since its birth, many brands have made their own version of the trench coat and made them available in different colors including black, navy and beige. This versatile coat can be worn over a suit when you’re going to the office and can also work well in the streets when worn over a t-shirt with denim jeans and sneakers.

Gray Suit


Many celebrities, such as Daniel Craig, have proved again and again that gray suits will never go out of style. They work great in a variety of different shades, giving a soft and decent look in a lighter shade and a determined and hardworking look in charcoal. It looks very stylish when the suit has a darker shade and is worn at the office over shirts of colors like light pink and blue with brown shoes. Being so versatile, the wearer looks suave in the suit even with an open collared white shirt and white sneakers worn sockless. Gray suits are never getting old, guys.

White Sneakers


Speaking of white sneakers, we have come to our next piece. White sneakers are no longer worn to the gym and have used this opportunity well. For a smart casual look, men go for white sneakers and pair them with jeans and t-shirt, or with chinos and a textured blazer. For a more sophisticated look, wear sneakers with little/no colors and patterns. And always go sockless.



Manufactured by Ray Ban in 1956, wayfarers started off as a hit but saw a temporary downfall in the 70s. They came back in fashion in the 80s when they started getting featured in movies like Tom Cruise’s Risky Business.

Now, wayfarers are made by different brands in a plethora of versions, including dark brown and tortoiseshell. However, the classic old black wayfarers are still irreplaceable.