Outfit Ideas For A Man With A Beard

Outfit Ideas For A Man With A Beard

Outfit Ideas For A Man With A Beard

Beards have become a symbol of class now. Over the years, beards have rapidly grown in popularity so much that almost every man is seen with one now. There is no doubt to the fact that bearded men have a charm and glory of their own. However, a beard brings many struggles along with its masculine looks, one of them being pulling off an outfit. A man with a beard has to face styling challenges each and every day. Not every outfit looks good with their manly facial hair. Here are some outfit ideas for all the men with beards out there that will not only make you look good but also complement your beard.



Whoever said that a suit only looks good on clean shaven men is totally wrong. Wait till you see a man with a beard rocking a suit. If you have a beard and you want to pull off a suit, you must stay close to the classics. Pick any decent well-tailored suit and your beard will surely complement it.

The Denim Look


Wear denim. You can never go wrong with denim. Covering yourself with denim from head to toe is a great way to show off your glorious beard because the denim lets your beard to shine. Apart from denim clothes, all you need is a few accessories, such as a hat and some black bracelets, so that you have more than one color in your outfit. Wear a pair of black converse to complete the look.

The Lumberjack Look


The lumberjack look is probably the most associated with a thick and long beard. And, in our opinion, it should be that way because it is one of the most stylish looks a man with a beard can have. The lumberjack look overflows with manliness and strength, and the best part of this look is that it is a piece of cake to pull off as well. You just need a pair of chinos—preferably khaki—along with a pair of lace up leather boots and, the most important item, a classic checkered shirt.



A man who wears colorful clothes is seen with questionable expressions, let alone a man with a beard. However, the secret rule of setting a fashion trend is that if you keep going against the norm long enough, your style eventually becomes a trend. This is why we recommend every single man with a beard to add some bold colors to your wardrobe. This also proves that you’re not insecure about your manliness. To nail this look, you just have to have fun with colors. Put on a crazy, colored or printed t-shirt, a cardigan or a denim shirt over it and a few accessories.