Style Tips For Short Men

Style Tips For Short Men

Style Tips For Short Men

People think that a short height is the worst thing a man can be cursed with. From unasked comments to practical jokes, a short height comes to a man with many painful challenges. Sadly, some ignorant people even consider short men weak. However, you would be very surprised to know that many famous and great personalities such as Pablo Picasso, Winston Churchill, Daniel Radcliffe, James McAvoy, Bruno Mars and Elijah Wood are/were shorter than 5’7”, but the whole world knows that their short height didn’t stop them from achieving greatness. If you’re a bit short, you should know that your short height can’t overpower you, especially when it comes to looking good. Also, being short doesn’t have anything to do with looking short. No, we’re not talking about the awfully painful heels. There are plenty of other ways that you can adopt to cheat your shortness and create an illusion of height.


Monochrome Outfits

Wear a monochromatic outfit with contrasting shades of the same color. Along with giving you a sleek look, this will create an illusion of height. Try to go with a darker color scheme, but stay away from black as it will make you look shorter. When you’re mixing shades, make sure that the lighter shades are at the upper half of your body and darker ones are at the lower half. This draws the eyes upward and helps you look taller to other people.


A well-fitting blazer or suit jacket will prove to be very useful to you in a number of ways. It will make your shoulders look bigger, resulting in a taller appearance. Keeping it buttoned will make your body appear slimmer and taller. Make sure that the cut of the jacket is short enough so that the top button is lies above your navel. This will make your legs and torso look longer.

A Good Tailor

No matter how tall or short you are, a good tailor is crucial. But if you’re short, you should definitely have a good tailor. Perfectly fitting clothes are very important if you want to look taller, and only a good tailor can give you that by accentuating the desirable lines and hiding the bad ones. Also, ready-made men’s clothes are designed to have a looser shape so that it can fit many body sizes. If you wear ready-made, loose clothes, you’re bound to appear shorter. People will think you’re so short that they don’t even have a size that fits you. Therefore, we recommend you to get a good tailor who will help you look slimmer and taller.

Shirt Length

While wearing a button-down shirt, short men must tuck it in. This will give you a slim look and longer legs. However, if you’re a wearing a shirt that shouldn’t be tucked in, make sure that the border of the shirt doesn’t go below your hip. You need your legs to look long, but this will make them look short.


Your goal should be drawing people’s eyes upward in order to look taller. The better you do this, the taller their mind will perceive you to be. For that, avoid wearing anything that distracts their attention from the top of your body. Stay away from shoes, watches, belts that may catch their attention. You can even wear a hat or an attention-grabbing pocket square in order to ensure that their eyes remain at the upper side.