Best Ways To Wear A Men's Scarf

Best Ways To Wear A Men's Scarf

Best Ways To Wear A Men's Scarf

A scarf is only a rectangular piece of cloth, and yet many men are either puzzled how to wear a scarf or think that wearing a scarf is a threat to their masculinity. Many classy male celebrities such as Mr. Cary Grant wore a scarf, and you'll be surprised that nobody has ever questioned their masculinity. A scarf is an important neckwear that gives you warmth from the winter cold, protection from the scorching heat and harmful UV rays in the summer and a bit of extra flair to your look.

If you're new to the scarf world and/or find it difficult to style a scarf, here are some easy and stylish ways you can wear a scarf.

Big And Bold


Wear it big and wear it bold. Don't shy away from colors and patterns. Also, lose the thought that it’s hard to make a long scarf work. It all depends on your confidence and how you wrap it. Not only will you look great with such a scarf, you'll have the warmest neck in the whole town.

The Parisian Way


Add some Paris in your style. Tie your scarf with the infamous Parisian knot. Tying a Parisian knot is easy: Just fold your scarf in half, place it on the back of your neck and pull the ends through the loop. The best thing about a Parisian knot is that it can be easily adjusted. It can even be tucked into your jacket for a little extra warmth. Just keep it loose; it's not a tie!

Make A Statement


A scarf can turn the most subdued suits into incredibly exciting ones. Use a scarf as a mean to add some color in your understated outfit. As long as your scarf doesn't undermine the class of the rest of your outfit, it is completely fine to wear a colored scarf to make a statement.

Less Is More


Wear a small and lightweight scarf when the days are hot. It's a great way to protect your skin while leveling up your style. Wear something with a bold color or pattern, and/or choose something that goes well with your accessories, like your sunglasses or hat. This also shows that you give serious attention to detail and sets you off from ordinary people with ordinary style.